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Should one decide to embark on the creative process of starting a podcast, Adam Adams is there to provide both tips and services. In this interview with Brandy Whalen, Adams speaks at length about what podcasting has done for him. It has helped him grow his business as well as his network. To Adams, podcasting as a medium requires hard work and intentional choices, which can certainly be assisted by his podcast production company “Grow Your Show.” As he describes the company’s growth, he always makes sure to turn inward and tell the balances of staffing, scripting, hosting, and presenting yourself. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Adam got started in the Podcast business
  • The connections made possible because of podcasting
  • Grow Your Show’s growth and logistics; the delicate balance and the talented staff
  • Adams’ opinion on solo vs. interview work- the effective combination of the two. 
  • How to get people to listen to your show

Good Question & Answer 1:

Brandy: Not only did you grow your business from people listening to your podcast, but were you having guests on that that you’re able to leverage for more real estate investing?

Adam Adams: I like that question. Because that brings up a key point to being a podcast host, and it’s a fact of many people are just interviewing anyone for any reason… but I was doing it wrong for a long time. I became understanding of the point that I should be interviewing my perfect avatar, the person that I want to have working with me in my business. That’s the person that I should be interviewing. Because of two reasons: A, now I’m connecting with that perfect avatar, and I’m offering value to them because I’m asking the right questions to the right people at the right time. I used to bring on people operating real estate deals, raising money, and I asked questions like, “How do you raise money?” “How did you find that deal?”- my avatar doesn’t care how to find a deal or how to raise money. I finally realized I need to have more passive investors coming as my guest to ask them, “How do you protect yourself as a passive investor?” “What kind of deals do you look at?” “What type of markets do you look at?” The listener is more likely to be that passive type investor who wants to learn how to protect themselves when investing with other people versus finding the deal. So I didn’t learn that for a while, not in the beginning. But yes, I did end up learning that I could interview my avatar and have that two-way of growing the show and my business simultaneously.

Good Question & Answer 2:

Brandy: So, you know, when people are coming to you to seek out your services, have they typically been on a podcast? Have they been on an interview? Have they dipped their toe in the podcast waters? Are they newbies? 

Adam Adams: It’s all over… a lot of people come to me, and they don’t know how they could ever get on a podcast. They don’t know the first step, what they would do. It certainly helps if you have your show, you are found a little bit easier by others that have shows and want some reciprocity with interviews. But a lot of people, they want to get on other shows, because they know that that gets them the most value. But many of them have never done it, they’re afraid to do it. They don’t know what they would say. And others have been on tons of podcasts, they’ve seen a ton of value by growing their brand and their exposure. They want to level up like, “Hey, let me just have my own show where I can control it.” Here’s my favorite thing, if you don’t mind me sharing it; if you have a call to action- and you should, we should always have a call to action-  my call to action is going to be this. If you’re listening to this and you like podcasts, go check out our podcast, the podcast on podcasting. It’s the same thing for these people. When they have random, different calls to action, and the person listening is a podcast listener, you’re swimming upstream for a lot of this other stuff- “Give me your email, do this one thing…”- swimming upstream. If you’re a podcaster and you’re on somebody else’s show, you can just say, “well, if you like this content, there’s more of it, just go to my show.” What’s amazing is 100% of the podcast listeners that are listening to that show are podcast listeners, every single one of them. So it’s swimming downstream, you’ve got the tailwind, it’s all going to make it easier for you to get to that next level.

Additional topics discussed:

  • What it has done for him in the real estate industry
  • What kind of people typically seek podcast services
  • Working on your Podcast Avatar 
  • What makes a good guest

Host / Podcast Bio: 

Guest Bio: Adam Adams was originally within the real estate industry but has turned his focus towards podcast production. His company “Grow Your Show” provides recording, editing, marketing as well as other production and post production services for those who want to pursue podcasts as a medium. His company, tagged the “Easy Button for Podcasters” helps creator maximize efficiency and effectiveness while crafting new content. 

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