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Being prepared is a game-changer, and podcast interviews take a special kind of preparedness. Not to worry, we are here to get you game-time ready. During the media coaching session, we will address any concerns you might have, talk through how to deliver your key messages in three different ways, strategies to direct the conversation towards your agenda and other industry tips and tricks. Upon completion, we will deliver a podcast prep punch-list and podcast cheat-sheet designed to keep you on target and relaxed.✌️ *Additional Story Craft sessions are available for $500 per session.


See your pitch-list first.

$499 / month

Kitcaster has more than 7,000 awesome podcasts in our database and we are adding more daily. We go to great lengths to qualify and pitch the absolute best placements for our clients. In some instances though, you may want to see our pitch list before we kick-off the campaign. We are happy to accommodate. 😀 


Sales and marketing assets.

$349 / episode

Repurpose your podcast interviews into powerful evergreen sales and marketing assets. Kitcaster will create artwork, video, social posts, blog posts, and email-newsletter copy from your podcast interviews. This content is designed to plug right into your sales pipeline. 🎨


Ramp it up.

$2,499 / month

Kitcaster will book your interviews on podcasts that rank in the top 2% of podcasts or better. Your podcasts are qualified by global rank percentage and apple podcast chart ranking. Story Craft, podcast approval portal, and content studio are included. Six-month commitment minimum. 🚀


Add a teammate.

+$1000 for the campaign.

If you would like to add someone from your team to the podcast tour, we are happy to accommodate. 😀 


Verbal confirmation.

$499 / month

Our intention is to remove any unnecessary scheduling communication. It is for this reason we use your link to inquire about your availability. Some of our clients however require additional communication to confirm availability. We are happy to accommodate. 😀