What to Expect from Kitcaster

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Thank you!

  • Kitcaster was founded in 2019.
  • All we do is book podcast interviews.
  • We understand and respect your client relationships.

What you can expect.

  • We optimize for speed.
  • You can expect high-value podcast interviews.
  • We remove bottlenecks and unnecessary communication.

What happens next.

  • Onboarding assets.
  • Discovery call.

Onboarding interview.

  • How do you pitch your clients?
  • Describe your clients’ favorite customers.
  • What are your clients’ ideal outcomes?
  • Customizing podcast engagements and cadence.

Qualifying your podcasts.

  • Apple podcast Top 100.
  • Global rank 10% or better.

Option: Kitcaster Platinum.

  • Global rank 1% or better.
  • Restrictions apply.

Done-for-you service.

  • We are not assistants.
  • 24 hour response time.
  • You are paying for the delivery of podcast interview invitations.
  • Final scheduling or rescheduling is your responsibility.

No refunds.

  • If your client does not complete the podcast interviews, for any reason, there will be no credit or refunds available.
  • No exceptions.

Option: Done-with-you service

  • $499 per month
  • Approval portal delivered before we pitch.

The Approval Portal

  • Unbranded Airtable spreadsheet.
  • List of prospective podcasts.
  • Links, categories, and show notes.
  • Global podcast ranking.
  • 3 days to decide “DO NOT PITCH”.

Preparing your client.

  • Use stories.
  • Focus on outcomes.
  • Expecting big emotions.
  • Showing up with command presence.
  • Prepare for audio and video.
  • Clear next steps.

Preparing your client.

  • Qualifying selected podcasts
    • relevance
    • rank
    • show notes


  • Airtable spreadsheet emailed with updates once a week.
  • Client’s name, Podcast name, Podcast link.
  • Booking link, Host name, Host email, Host phone.
  • Date delivered.
  • Categorical relevance, Podcast ranking, Show notes.


  • Complete the onboarding assets and discovery call.
  • Introduction to your podcast agent.
  • Delivery of the approval portal. *optional
  • Campaign kick-off!


How can podcast interviews work for you?