Terms & Conditions

Kitcaster Service for Marketing & PR Agencies


If I buy 5 podcast placements can I schedule 5 different guests? – No. The absolute minimum number of podcasts scheduled for a unique guest is two. For example, if you purchase 10 podcasts, you can assign up to 5 unique guests for 2 podcast placements each. Feel free to mix and match the number of podcast placements for unique guests so long as the absolute minimum of podcasts scheduled is two. 

Why this podcast? – Kitcaster will qualify podcasts by audience size, categorical relevance, and quality of the audience. Please see this resource for details. Included in your podcast invitation reporting are three metrics that will help you support the relevance of the podcast to your client.

  1. Categorical relevance – the quality of the audience
  2. Global podcast rank – size of the audience
  3. Show notes – thematic description

“What if we don’t like the placement?” Kitcaster prides itself on delivering the highest possible podcast interviews on your behalf. Our process is designed for low friction/high-value placements based on the onboarding assets and onboarding interview. If there is an issue with any particular placement, we recommend the Podcast Approval Portal.

Podcast approval – If you would like to qualify the podcasts we are considering before we pitch, you can add (or remove) a podcast approval portal to your campaign at any time. The cost is an additional $350 per month. Be advised, top 2% of podcasts (or better) can take months to schedule.

Response time – Some hosts have incredibly tight recording schedules, and we want to keep communication moving as quickly as possible. We expect you to respond to the host directly within 24 hours from when your agent has delivered the booking link or email introduction.

Reporting – Your podcast interview invitations will be sent via a scheduling link or email introduction. Upon delivery of the link or email intro, we will count the podcast as a scheduled placement towards your campaign total. The podcast information will also be added to an Airtable spreadsheet and sent to you weekly via email. Each of your clients’ placements will be reported on one Airtable spreadsheet. 

No refunds, No credits, No exceptions. – When the podcast invitation is delivered to you, it counts toward your purchased total. Your client may not accept the invitation and/or the podcast interview may never happen. There will be no refunds or credits given for any reason. The agency has paid for the podcast invitation and introduction, not a completed podcast interview.

Be prepared for video – It’s not always published, but it’s often recorded.

Rescheduling – Rescheduling the podcast interviews, for any reason, will be the responsibility of the agency. This includes host no-shows or ended client relationships. 

Check-ins – Kitcaster will send a weekly email to report on your campaign progress and podcast interview placements. Please do not use text messaging to correspond with your agent.

Done-for-you – Kitcaster Agency program is a done-for-you service, we are not assistants. We are experts at delivering high-value podcast interviews. If client expectations can not be clearly communicated through the onboarding form and onboarding interview, we may insist on the Podcast Approval Portal as a means to streamline communication.

Term – We are looking to form long-term strategic relationships with the world’s best agencies. We are your podcast interview partner. That is all we do. 🙂  We respect your client relationships and will not communicate with them directly. We are so happy to work with you!

Next Steps

I’m ready to go – what’s next?
  • Complete payment
  • Discovery Call – After you pay the deposit, you will be prompted to schedule your 30-minute discovery call.
  • Onboarding Assets – You will receive a link to complete your onboarding documentation before the discovery call.
  • Podcast Agent – Introduction to your campaign agent.
  • Kick-off – The outreach begins.
  • First Interview – Expect to have your first interview request 1-3 weeks after the outreach begins.
  • Interview Information – Once your agent has secured a booking, you will receive a calendar invite with all the information and a personalized Airtable link with all the information logged in chronological order.


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