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Kitcaster works with Digital Marketing Agencies and PR Firms as their dedicated podcast booking partner.✌️

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Your client – your relationship. Kitcaster works behind the scene to deliver great placements on your behalf.

This service is for agencies that deliver a high standard of work for their clients. We work quickly to add high-quality deliverables to your campaigns.

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Whether your client is looking for brand awareness, lead gen, recruiting, SEO, or high-value content, podcast interviews deliver. 

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We create opportunities for your clients to shine in front of  their ideal audience. They will love you for it! 


All the results, none of the hassle.

Let’s face it, podcast producers are not communication professionals. Booking top podcast interviews takes a lot of time. We specialize ONLY in podcast interviews, so you don’t have to.  


How it works

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Kitcaster will deliver booking links to you – to schedule your client’s podcast interviews.

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Benefits of Podcast Interviews


Know what to say.

Podcast interviews represent a major breakthrough for modern marketing: using technology to create connection and intimacy for founders, brands, and their audience. Also known as “conversation marketing,” these advances are part of a growing shift in the marketing industry. Having a keen sense of your message is critical to building rapport with the audiences and prospects.


Say it proud.

Confidence is a person’s belief that a chosen course of action is the right choice. As a personality trait, confidence is sometimes referred to as self-confidence. This term describes the attitudes and beliefs people hold regarding their abilities and strengths. We can talk about self-confidence – we can experience it ourselves – but projecting self-confidence in our podcast interviews takes work. This is our core attention for podcast media training.



The question “What do I talk about?” largely depends on what you’d like to get out of your podcast interviews. A common misconception is that podcast topics are always related to products or experiencing success. While this can be the case, podcast interviews often open up to vulnerabilities and overcome obstacles. Creating a list of a few topics you’d like to discuss on podcasts will help you — and ultimately the podcast host — get a feel for where you’re at in your life and where you are going. This reveals another misconception about podcast interviews: the only thing you discuss is your success.


Lead the way.

Some leaders are assigned their positions by employers, while others seek out these roles through entrepreneurship, community engagement, or political involvement. Different leaders will have different leadership styles. This is largely dependent on a leader’s personality characteristics and any education or training they may have received. Traits such as introversion, extroversion, intuitive abilities, emotional tendencies, and intellectual capacity will factor into a person’s leadership style. Podcast interviews – properly attended to – benefit not only the guest but the people that look to them for leadership as well. 


Generate demand.

We buy stuff from people we like. It couldn’t be simpler. And we like people we have a bond with. That’s why it’s easier to sell to people we actually like, and why it’s useful to try as hard as possible to like all your customers. We’re far more likely to purchase from people when we have a human relationship based on trust.

But it’s not just about getting them to like you. It’s about getting them to like your company and product, too. That’s where the power of podcast interviews comes in. Differentiate your brand by representing it well.


All aspects of life.

How we communicate has fundamentally changed over the past decades, with the bulk of our interactions coming via text-based messaging. It’s our feeling that working on our personal narrative and mission benefits our podcast interviews and all direct digital and real-life communication.

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