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“Clarity is a great result of doing podcast interviews.”

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By Ryan Estes

This episode of Tech Talks Daily asks three of the most common questions about creating a podcast: How do I launch a podcast without the hassle of editing audio files and submitting them to all the podcast platforms? How do I get high-quality guests on my new podcast? And if you are a business leader, how can I get invited onto more podcasts as a thought leader in 2022? Kitcaster co-founder Ryan Estes joins chats with host Neil Hughes about all this and much more. Be a podcast guest.

“If you resonate on a personal level with somebody, they're more likely to discover your product.”

Launch a Podcast, Get Podcast Guests or Be a Podcast Guest

In this episode of “Tech Talks Daily,” Ryan Estes from Kitcaster shares helpful insights for people who are interested in launching their podcast or appearing on a podcast. He discusses the three big questions in the world of podcasting with host Neil Hughes: “How do I launch a podcast without the hassle of editing audio files and submitting them to all the podcast platforms?” “How do I get high-quality guests on my new podcast?”, and “How can I get invited onto more podcasts as a thought leader in 2022?”.


In this episode, you will learn:

  • What inspired Ryan Estes’ passion for technology and podcasting career
  • About Kitcaster and how it helps clients get booked on top podcasts
  • How podcasts can be utilized in modern public relations efforts
  • How podcasts can create brand awareness through personal connections
  • How do you become a guest on a podcast?
  • How to be a great podcast guest


Neil: One of the things that I’ve always loved about what you are doing is that your team only pitches me guests who kind of fit my show and what I want to achieve. Is that something that’s important to you when working with your clients, whether they be podcast hosts or somebody wanting to appear on a podcast?

Ryan: Yeah, it’s really important. There are three criteria we’re going to look for in a podcast and hope to match it with our clients. The audience size is great. But in podcasting, it’s hard to judge the size of the audience or know where the audience is. So the first thing is, can we match the outcomes of our clients with the kind of content of that podcast? Is it a good match?

And then, the other is just the quality of the show itself. Is it produced well? That’s not necessarily always the best audio quality either, but is it prepared with care? Is somebody actually putting their heart into this and doing this for the right reason? If we can get the relevance right for a client, that’s a great step. If we can find a big audience, that’s even better. And if the quality is good, we consider that a great placement for our clients.

Neil: I’m curious, do you have any examples of how your clients have been able to leverage podcasting views to generate leads, validate new products, and create those new opportunities? By simply sharing those stories?

Ryan: This is what’s probably most important to me—that people get something out of it. In the beginning, we really spend a lot of time looking for those outcomes. What is it that you’re looking to get? It could be fundraising, finding venture-backed, or venture capitalists and angels to help with their project. Those are the outcomes they’re often looking for. They could be recruiting, or they’re looking for new talent.

Everybody’s looking for prospects, of course. People are looking for networking opportunities, people are looking to volt, their personal brand, thought leadership, and things like that. We spend a lot of time prioritizing these outcomes so that we can kind of match the audience to the podcast. We’ve got examples of all of that.

We’ve had people do seven-figure raises, introduced to an investor that listened to them on a podcast. We’ve had people do senior engineer hiring from podcast interviews. So generally speaking, we’re pretty confident that we know maybe the half dozen outcomes our clients are looking for, and we’ve delivered on those.

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“Be too self-promoting and watch how quickly it gets boring.”

Additional Topics Discussed:

  • Delivering the message (or what you’re trying to sell) in a balanced way
  • Getting the best returns for your podcast
  • Different tools for podcast interviews
  • How to be a good podcast guest
  • Do podcast guests get paid?


Neil C. Hughes is a tech columnist, best-selling author on Amazon, and a ghostwriter for tech leaders and entrepreneurs. He is also the host of the Tech Talks Daily Podcast, where he discusses the latest business and tech trends.

In his daily podcast, Hughes explores how innovative technologies can help overcome various business challenges. He talks to industry leaders and problem solvers as they share their success stories and lessons learned.

Resources and Links Mentioned in the Show:

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Be a Podcast Guest
Be a Podcast Guest

What are the key steps to launching a podcast without technical hassle?

To launch a podcast without dealing with the technicalities of audio editing and platform submission, consider using podcast management services like Kitcaster. These services can handle the technical aspects, allowing you to focus on content creation.

How can you attract high quality guests to your new podcast?

Attracting high quality guests to your podcast involves clear communication of the podcast’s value and relevance to potential guests’ interests or goals. Utilizing a service like Kitcaster can help match your podcast with suitable guests who align with your content and audience.

What strategies can business leaders use to get invited on more podcasts?

Business leaders looking to get invited onto more podcasts should focus on building their personal brand and establishing thought leadership in their field. Networking, showcasing expertise through content, and engaging with podcast communities can increase their visibility to podcast hosts.

How does Kitcaster facilitate podcast guest placements?

Kitcaster assists clients by booking them on podcasts that match their outcomes with the podcast’s content. They prioritize the relevance of the podcast to the client’s goals, the audience size, and the overall quality of the podcast, ensuring meaningful and impactful placements.

What benefits do podcasts offer in public relations and brand awareness?

Podcasts are a powerful tool for public relations and building brand awareness. They allow for personal stories and insights to be shared with a targeted audience, creating personal connections and enhancing listeners’ trust and interest in the brand or speaker.

What are the benefits of appearing as a guest on podcasts?

Appearing as a guest on podcasts can help individuals and businesses expand their reach, connect with new audiences, and establish authority in their field. It’s also a valuable opportunity for networking, recruiting talent, and even securing funding through increased visibility.

What should you consider to be a great podcast guest?

To be a great podcast guest, it’s important to deliver value through engaging and relevant content without being overly self-promotional. Preparing well, being genuine, and focusing on delivering clear, impactful messages can make your podcast appearance more successful.

Do podcast guests get paid for their appearances?

Typically, podcast guests do not get paid for their appearances. Instead, the value for guests lies in the exposure, networking opportunities, and the chance to enhance their reputation and share their expertise with a wider audience.

Can podcast appearances really lead to tangible business outcomes?

Yes, podcast appearances can lead to tangible business outcomes such as fundraising, recruiting, and building new business relationships. Effective storytelling and targeting the right audience can connect guests with potential investors, collaborators, and customers.

What tools and strategies are recommended for podcast interviews?

For successful podcast interviews, using quality recording tools and ensuring good sound quality are fundamental. Additionally, focusing on delivering a balanced message and engaging the audience will help achieve the best returns from your podcast appearances.


How can podcast interviews work for you?