Looking Beyond the Top Podcasts Part 2

Part two of a ten-part series exploring cult worthy podcast beyond those that top the charts.




True crime and podcasting go together like bagels and lox. Like bagels, there are a lot of choices, and like lox, if you overindulge, you’ll get sick. To prevent podcast-fatigue, something all too real amongst fans of the true-crime genre, the Kitcaster team got together to bring you five lesser-known, but not less good, true crime podcasts. First, let’s take a look at the

Chart Topers:

  1.  Crime Junkie 

    1. 4.9 Stars

    2. 65.3K Reviews

  2. My Favorite Murder 

    1. 4.7 Stars

    2. 88.9K Reviews

  3. Dr. Death 

    1. 4.9 Stars

    2. 67.7K Reviews

  4. Last Podcast on the Left 

    1. 4.7 Stars

    2. 35.4K Reviews

  5. Serial

    1. 4.5 Stars

    2. 51.8K Reviews

Plowed through those already? Join the club! Luckily, quality content with a loyal fanbase can be found beyond the fringe.

Cult-Worthy True Crime Podcasts:

  1. Something Scary Podcast

    1. 4.9 Stars

    2. 4.4K Reviews

Why we love this podcast: Call us masochists, but we love being scared. If you too like to scare the shit out of yourself, then this is the podcast for you. Put simply, the storytelling in Something Scary delivers. Curious about the creepiest of the creepy podcasts? What about urban legends or folktales? Something Scary will not disappoint. 


What we learned from this podcast: Hotels are scary. Hotels are haunted. We are exclusively opting for Airbnb (NICK WILKINS, HIRE US) from here on out. We don’t want to scare you off – you’ll have to listen for yourself.


  1. Swindled 

    1. 4.7 Stars

    2. 2.3K Reviews

Why we love this podcast: Swindle utilizes narrative storytelling, archival audio, and soundscapes to explore the true stories of con artists, white-collar criminals, and corporate evil alike. Ever wonder why wealthy people commit a crime? Hint: the answer is greed.


What we learned from this podcast: Lou Pearlman was the sixth member of the Backstreet Boys? Well, kind of. Pearlman swindled about 300 million dollars from investors and boy bands alike. Take a listen here. (To the podcast, not the Backstreet Boys.)


  1. Morbid: A True Crime Podcast

    1. 4.6 Stars

    2. 1.4K Reviews

Why we love this podcast: Hosts Ash and Alaina are weirdos, and so are we. Also, the lighthearted nature of this podcasts makes the heavy and disturbing subject matter a little easier to get through. 


What we learned from this podcast: Waterbeds are not the best place to hide a body. You say prove it? Check out this episode about the disappearance of Maddie Clifton.


  1. Don’t Talk to Strangers

    1. 4.5 Stars

    2. 424 Reviews

Why we love this podcast: Don’t Talk to Strangers is a limited run podcast that focuses on nine child murders that took place in and around Oakland Country between 1, January 1976 and 16, March 1977. Four of these murders appear to be the work of a never apprehended serial killer, the Oakland County Child Killer.


What we learned from this podcast: Evil people can and will collaborate with other evil people nationwide. Find out how a pedophile ring in Michigan played a role in the search for the Oakland County Child Killer. 


  1. Lords of Death

    1. 4.6 Stars

    2. 217 Reviews

Why we love this podcast: Lords of Death is a true-crime podcast that explores the possibility that a serial killer may have been operating in Ohio during the late 1980s. The story starts in a small town called Byesville, where a bizarre double murder left many unanswered questions. 


What we learned from this podcast: Homer Potts was stabbed to death in his home under mysterious circumstances — 20 months later his wife was stabbed to death too. Get to the bottom of this cold case with the folks over at Lords of Death.

This is by no means the end all be all for true crime podcasts beyond the fringe, but it is a good place to start. Did you find a true-crime podcast you loved from this list? Do you have one that we missed? Like, comment, subscribe, and check back next week, as we explore the world of comedy podcasts.


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