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Bill Small – Founder of ArtistMind

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I feel like Kitcaster certainly expanded my network - I know all those people that I did a podcast with and we all like each other.

A badass business and personal coach, Bill Small has helped hundreds of clients achieve new levels of success and fulfillment over the last 15 years.

In 2008 Bill joined the coaching team at Northstar ventures which provided coaches for programs by noted authors Joe Vitale and Bob Doyle, both featured in “The Secret.” That same year Bill worked with Bob Doyle as his personal coach, and was featured in the documentary film, The Boundless Living Challenge.

In 2016 Bill created Artist Mind Inc. to make coaching available to small business owners. In 2018 he was asked to join the consulting team at VIP Medical Consultants, and became a partner in healthcare start-up Advanced Clinical Management.

Taking a break from touring and live music performance during the 2020 pandemic shut down, Bill created and launched the Awareness Advantage Workshop, a group training course in mindfulness. In 2021 it’s back to performing and launching a new podcast, The Subtle Art of Not Yelling with co-host Miles Hanson.

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Why Podcast Guest Interviews?

“It’s funny when down the road after you do a few podcast interviews and then you’re on the next one, and that person has looked at the things that you’ve done before and you start to realize that, yes, I do have more traction than I did before.”

Hi! I’m Bill Small

Not long ago, someone asked me, “What do you create?” I had to think for a minute… Then I replied, “I create music and conversations!” It’s true. That’s what I do.

I make music. I coach amazing people. I have conversations that make a difference. I ride my bike when I can, and try to be a good dad.

Quotes from our other clients:

“I thought Kitcaster had a great website and made it very simple to sign up. It was an easy process that was simple to streamline into a work schedule.”

“I have made many connections in the industry who have reached out to me. I have certainly gained more following, and personal brand recognition as well as business brand recognition.”

“I did not expect to be asked back for subsequent podcast, and I’ve even had new people reach out to ask me to be on their show. So it’s been fun to gain even more connections and opportunities to speak. Another thing that has been great is that I feel like being on the podcast has really helped me to further define and identify my personal brand, what my general talking points are, and it has helped me grow into my own personal and business brand.”

“I have loved how easy it is to track everything through Kitcaster’s reports, if I have any questions about scheduling, or even finding links to previously recorded shows, I know exactly how to do it. Kate has been the absolute best and if something comes up or we need to reschedule it happens very quickly and easily.”



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