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Brett Deister


September 15, 2021


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Getting a Better Understanding of the Podcast Industry with Kitcaster Co-founder Brandy Whalen

Podcasting has come a long way from its roots in 2004. Now, it has grown to be one of the most far-reaching platforms of any form of media. But, is it the ideal media platform for marketing and public relations? Is it a platform to sell a company or does it serve a more important purpose? 

In this episode, Brandy Whalen from gives her insights on the podcast industry and how it proves instrumental to brand identity. Brandy Whalen talks about how she got involved in the industry and some misconceptions about podcasting. 


Brandy provides listeners valuable insights into: 

  • The importance of a narrative approach when marketing through podcasts
  • Internal podcasts for companies looking to inform and educate exclusively within their ranks
  • Tools for podcasting
  • How PR and podcasting can go hand-in-hand

Hear the entire episode on PR 360 here. In the meantime, here are snippets of the conversation between Kitcaster’s co-founder Brandy Whalen and PR 360’s host Brett Deister. 


Good Question & Answer 1: 

Brett Deister: What do brands not understand about podcasts? Because I feel like a lot of PR people are on the fence but don’t want to jump in fully. 

Brandy Whalen: I think it’s tricky because a lot of brands see it (podcasting) as an advertising opportunity. I think there’s a place for that, but I tell clients that nobody wants to listen to a 60-minute advertisement. They want to hear about you. 

I always tell clients: “Tell us about your journey.” “Tell us about falling on your face and pulling yourself back up.” “Tell us why you decided to do what you’re doing and why it matters to your customers.”

I think podcasting offers this nice medium of being able to dive into who’s behind the brand. All executives could be potential podcast guests to give a different lens for a company.


Good Question & Answer 2: 

Brett Deister: How should podcasters approach brands? And, how should brands approach podcasters when doing ads? 

Brandy Whalen: From a podcaster’s perspective, it’s a relationship. As podcasters, we are responsible for delivering great content. In order to get the listenership (which brands ultimately want), you have to deliver on the content piece. That content piece had better be good and well-received by listeners. The content should also have dedication and people that are tuning in. That is something podcasters need to take a look at. 

Also, I think traditional media went through this. I think we’re seeing that there are more pay-to-play opportunities podcasters are asking for (for money in return for an interview).

 Advertising is different because when you buy advertising, you know what you’re getting yourself into. However, when you buy a place to make content, things get a little more complicated. And, you can lose integrity and quality if you’re charging people to get interviewed. Or, you can also lose quality if the show is more on the advertisement side.  


Brandy Whalen also gives listeners her thoughts on: 

  • Things podcasters should brush up on (e.g., drop-in and drop-out audio)
  • How similar or different podcasting is from platforms like Youtube or Clubhouse
  • The best tools for podcasters today
  • Some valuable tips for PR professionals planning to get into podcasting


Host/ Podcast Bio:

Brett Deister is the host of PR 360, a podcast dedicated to showing all the latest trends in public relations and marketing. Brett Deister began his marketing and PR journey in Chino Hills California where he created social media content. 

He began his career in 2017, working for A4Tech. Before that, he was already an avid podcaster, hosting the Digital Coffee Podcast since 2015. 

Brett Deister is passionate about podcasting, public relations, digital marketing, gaming, and coffee. According to him, creativity is in his DNA. One look at his work and achievements will convince anyone that this is true. 

Guest Bio:

Brandy Whalen is the co-founder of She currently resides in Denver, Colorado where she has spent most of her life as a public relations specialist. She has two bachelor’s degrees. She has one in fine and studio arts which she earned at the University of Iowa. Her other degree is in applied science from the Metropolitan State University of Denver. In 2012, she earned her master’s degree in geographic information from the University of Denver. 

A strong believer in the power of narrative, she began storytelling for companies as the head of Whalen Media. She was Whalen Media’s public relations specialist for six years before she co-founded

She is currently the mother of three wonderful and talented children. 

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