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Brandy Whalen


The PR Playbook


Ronjini Joshua


September 8, 2021


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Brandy Whalen: The PR Playbook 

In the 79th episode of The PR Playbook Podcast, host Ronjini Joshua speaks with co-founder Brandy Whalen. Kitcaster is a podcast agency that helps businesses of all sizes and industries enhance their PR efforts with on-demand placements for a flat monthly rate. 

Because of the growing demand for podcasts, there are now over 2.6 million of them worldwide. The best way to make the most out of your exposure is to find the right shows for your brand. 

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • How to use podcasts to enhance PR efforts
  • The benefits of podcasts for various companies, including those with complex products or services
  • Creating powerful content that boosts leads, conversions, and sales

Good Question & Answer 1:

Ronjini: How do you identify what the right podcast is for somebody?

Brandy: With 2.6 million podcasts worldwide, it’s a huge challenge. However, we developed an extensive onboarding process, where we systemized the activities businesses need to begin campaigns immediately.

Part of the procedure is to identify different categories that match a client’s strengths. Afterward, we use our resources to guarantee the podcasts are top-notch, within the top 10% throughout the world as much as possible. Finally, we make sure we provide audiences with valuable conversations. 

Good Question & Answer 2:

Ronjini: How do you put an expert bio together?

Brandy: Part of our services is to develop media pages for our client’s campaigns. It’s a one-pager, but we create a snapshot and detailed information about the potential interviewee. For example, at, we sell conversations, not people.  

Ultimately, we want to make sure our partnerships develop engaging conversations for listeners. For this reason, we include unique angles in our one-pagers. 

Additional Topics Discussed:

  • The advantages of working with the right podcast agency
  • Making the most out of one podcast opportunity with content repurposing
  • Minimum equipment requirements to produce quality sounds

Host / Podcast Bio:

Ronjini Joshua owns PR agencies The Silver Telegram and Green Seed PR. 

Also, she wrote a PR guidebook called The Green Room Pod, which inspired The PR Playbook Podcast. The show is ideal for those who want to create PR programs to boost brand awareness and sales using the latest strategies in the market. 

With over 20 years of industry experience, Ronjini talks about the role of media relations, crowdfunding, and digital marketing in a PR setting. In addition, she often invites other marketing professionals to provide clients with valuable industry information. 

Guest Bio:

Brandy Whalen co-founded Kitcaster — a groundbreaking podcast agency offering on-demand placements for companies of all sizes and industries. She has a passion for public relations and creating compelling stories that resonate with audiences. Brandy ran a boutique agency for six years and took it in a different direction to focus on podcasts. 

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