Podcast Mixtape: Brilliant Women Leaders

Listen to female founders, CEOs, and C-Suite execs making waves in tech, VR, crypto, telehealth, marketing and more.

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Check out the first playlist in our series of Podcast Mixtapes. These episodes feature incredible women at the top of their game, who are changing the game.

Suneera Madhani, CEO & Founder of Stax

Listen to Suneera on The Goal Digger Podcast 


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“You deserve to be the CEO of your life. That’s what Suneera Madhani teaches to her growing community of career women, female entrepreneurs, and powerful mothers. As Suneera believes, being the CEO of your life means running it with a clear vision and intentional systems to bring your vision to fruition, and an unwavering commitment to level up.

Suneera is proof that having it all isn’t an audacious, outlandish, unattainable fairytale — She’s got the systems and advice that can help you develop what having it all means to you while staying aligned with what matters most.”

Mary Spio, CEO & Founder at CEEK VR

Listen to Mary on Black to Business

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“Mary Spio’s guiding force has always been her sense of wonder, even during her years as a deep space engineer. Now, as the CEO and Founder of CEEK, her imagination continues to propel her into the spotlight as VR’s new, shining star. Check her out in Rolling Stone. CEEK VR Inc. is a streaming platform for virtual events where musicians and content creators can directly connect to their audiences. Mary worked as a rocket scientist, raised $10M in VC, and launched a VR unicorn – all while raising a family.”

Ashleigh Wilson, CEO & Founder at AuditMate

Listen to Ashleigh on Wings of Inspired Business

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“Ashleigh Wilson is a serial entrepreneur, raised by a used car salesman and an elevator guy. Tapping into her roots, Ashleigh opened and sold multiple small businesses by the age of 20 until ultimately landing in the elevator business and deciding to disrupt it with AuditMate, the first first-ever elevator and escalator auditing and management software.”

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Jane Lee, Co-Founder at Launch Pop

Listen to Jane on Beauty Business Network

“Today’s guest is Jane Lee. Jane is the co-founder of Launch Pop, a venture studio that has helped launch dozens of brands in the beauty industry. Jane and her team focus on brand strategy and community building to help brands make sure they have a product that stands out in a saturated market. Since founding Launch Pop in 2017, Jane has helped launch over 60 brands with a combined valuation of over $300 million. Before Launch Pop, Jane served as the Entrepreneur in Residence at Shopify.”

Laura Purdy, Co-Founder & COO at MD Integrations

Listen to Laura on Passionate Pioneers

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“After serving as an active-duty military physician, our next guest harnessed her passion and dedication for advancing telehealth and has emerged as a leading entrepreneur moving the industry forward in profound ways.

Dr. Laura Purdy, Co-Founder of MD Integrations, joins us to discuss how she and her team have built a telemedicine technology company that serves as an all-in-one solution for every constituent they serve. 

As her team addresses the discrepancies in healthcare, Dr. Purdy shares how her platform supports companies and clinics in the virtual care space with its best-in-class telemedicine portal integrated with a physician-only clinical network.

Join us to learn from Dr. Purdy as she and her team continue to shape the future of telehealth and strive for higher quality and more accessible healthcare across the nation. Let’s go!”

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Kaya Henderson, CEO at Reconstruction

Listen to Kaya on Reading with Your Kids

“Kaya Henderson is on the #ReadingWithYourKids #Podcast to introduce us to Reconstruction. Reconstruction was created by a dream team of artists, mathematicians, literature geeks, entrepreneurs, illustrators, and others. This team shares one goal: empowering students and their communities through an authentic education.”

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Brandy Whalen, Co-Founder at Kitcaster

Listen to Brandy on The Podcast on Podcasting

“Appearing on other podcasts may be a challenge if you are just starting out. Brandy Whalen has your back because she will be talking about effective methods of getting booked. Check out this episode and learn how to become a better guest and how to find guests for your own show. Listen for ways to get booked on podcasts, effective outreach methods, why you should use a third party for booking guests, what to do to improve as a podcast guest, and how your appearance in podcasts is an investment.”

Nora Sudduth, Co-Founder & CRO at Hello Audio

Listen to Nora on Influence by Design

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“In this episode, Samantha is joined by Nora Sudduth, Co-founder of Hello Audio. It’s a platform that helps content creators upload private and public feeds for listeners to access, download, and stream on any podcast player.
Nora shares her insights about using private audio feeds, and how you can use them in your business.
With private audio feeds, coaches and course creators can create audio companions for the programs they offer. While business owners can use this to enhance communication. They can send out sales, marketing, and onboarding messages effectively and safely to employees.”
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Julianna Lamb, Co-Founder & CEO at Stytch

Listen to Julianna on Software Developer’s Journey

“Julianna started by telling us about her love for maths and figure skating. She spoke about the hard choice she had to pursue sports toward a professional career or going to college. She chose the latter and went to a business school. There she discovered computer science and transferred to Stanford. We then talked about her studies there and how she entered the startup world. We discussed finding what you like and the challenges. We debated leaving Strava and pursuing dreams, and finally creating your own company and growing with it.”

Sabina Bhatia, Chief Customer Officer at Payactiv

Listen to Sabina on Compassionate Capitalist Show

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“For this Compassionate Capitalist Show, Karen Rands is joined by Sabina Bhatia, Chief Customer Officer at PayActiv, to talk about the impact ‘financial insecurity and well being’ of hourly wage workers have on the profitability and scalability of businesses. Earned Wage Access is rapidly becoming the #1 way for companies to attract and retain their non-salary employees. Understanding HOW high turnover and job vacancies, and how distracted and anxious employees effect quality control and customer experience, is critical for both founders and investors. The soft dollar impact on the financial performance of a company and stagnation of a company to reach their growth targets directly correlates to the ROI of an investment.”

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Vanina Ivanova, CMO at AdEx Network

Listen to Vanina on Tech in the Right Direction

“This week on Tech in the Right Direction we follow Vanina Ivanova’s journey in the Tech Industry and the extreme differences in digital marketing from when she first started her career to today. Vanina is currently the CMO at Adex Network, a blockchain powered system that is bringing full transparency to the digital marketing space through smart contract technology. She’s a cryptocurrency enthusiast herself, and is finding working for a blockchain company inspiring, empowering and overall – delightful. Join us as we dive into personal data, the lack of privacy in advertising, and what we can do to change this problem.”

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