What to Expect from Kitcaster

Campaign Sneak Peek – Please watch the video below.

The big questions.

  • Which podcasts?
  • How are invitations delivered?
  • Rescheduling?
  • What is the ROI?

Qualifying your podcast placements.

  • Category and search terms
  • Top 10% of ranked podcasts
  • Regional, National, International

Satisfaction Guarantee:

It’s rare but sometimes a podcast just isn’t the best fit. In this case, after you have recorded the interview, we will add another podcast placement to your agreement at no additional cost to you.

Podcast delivery.

  • Your calendar
  • Airtable spreadsheet
  • Intro calls

Rescheduling podcast interviews.

  • Provide 12 months of calendar availability.
  • Podcasts rescheduled within 48 hours of recording will count as two placements.
  • Scheduling is inherently complex. Please be kind to your agent!

Podcast interview ROI:
Professional Development

  • Master your story.
  • Validate new ideas.
  • Discover connections with new audiences.

Podcast interview ROI:

  • SEO link and landing page
  • What is your call to action?
  • What are your next steps with the host?

Podcast interview ROI:

  • Images & Videos
  • Social posts
  • Newsletters
  • Blog Posts

Next steps

  • Submit your Media kit assets
  • Calendar availability
  • Onboarding call

Happy to have you aboard!

On the onboarding call, we will discuss

  • Campaign outcomes
  • Ideal audiences
  • Preparing your best performance
  • Repurposing podcast content
  • Adding teammates
  • Approval portal


How can podcast interviews work for you?