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Alyse Maslonik – Founder of RedefinED

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"Podcasting isn't just about sharing stories, it's about unlocking million-dollar opportunities. One podcast I was interviewed on led to a $1.2 million partnership, proving its worth beyond measure. Investing in podcasts is investing in game-changing possibilities."

RedefinED Advisors LLC is committed to redefining the way private schools navigate their funding and enrollment. Developed by two moms that were on a mission to change the lives of students, RedefinED has grown into a one-stop-shop for private schools across the United States that need assistance in growing their budgets and growing their enrollment. In the early days as tax credit scholarship developers, our team witnessed countless schools that were doing incredible work in the classroom but struggled with the knowledge base and staffing requirements to successfully run the business side of their school in today’s ever-changing market. This led to creating of a wide variety of implementation services that all connect to reach your advancement plan.  With RedefinED’s ability to raise school funding, grow enrollment, and tell the school’s unique story, schools all over the nation are now securing their future for generations to come.

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Why Podcast Guest Interviews?

As a woman born into generational poverty and plagued by shocking abuse, Alyse Maslonik spent her early career pushing back against the status quo to bring much-needed equity to one-sided systems.

With a strong desire to give back to children who need it most, Alyse recognized the significance of her education in her ability to escape her tattered past and set out to change the world of education.

Podcasting helps Alyse spread her message and bring RedefinED in front of new audiences.

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“I have loved how easy it is to track everything through Kitcaster’s reports, if I have any questions about scheduling, or even finding links to previously recorded shows, I know exactly how to do it. Kate has been the absolute best and if something comes up or we need to reschedule it happens very quickly and easily.”



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