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Cody Wittick – Co-Founder, Co-CEO – Kynship

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Podcasts celebrate good conversations. Kitcaster did an awesome job of tying everything back into that with their unboxing. A BBQ of friends and family, where you could create cocktails, wear sunglasses, and ultimately, have good conversation.

At Kynship, we believe…
You deserve to have a blueprint for success in influencer marketing. There is so much noise (options, agencies, etc.) trying to “help” only leading to more confusion and we know how paralyzing that can be, especially when you don’t have a strategy or the time to execute one for your brand. Leaving you asking the question,

“Where do we even start?”

As a result of connecting thousands of influencers with brands, and having visibility into over $250,000,000 in paid media, we created a blueprint that focuses on building communities through sales, not likes.

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Why Podcast Guest Interviews?

As Co-Founder of Kynship, an influencer marketing application, Cody understands thought leadership. Podcasts play a role for influencers to spread their mission broadly. Kynship uses podcast guest interviews to speak to its ideal audience. That is to say, influencers use podcasts as valuable resources. 

The Impact of Podcast Guest Interviews

Cody has used podcast guest interviews to share stories and connect deeply with new audiences. Some include:

  • Ecommerce
  • Business
  • Entrepreneur
  • Leadership
  • Christian Topics
  • Growing an Agency


Who's a great fit for our podcast booking service?

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Kitcaster is designed for people looking to build their brand and connect deeply with people through podcasting.

You’re a giver. You find meaning in making personal and professional relationships. You love podcasts – you’ve considered (or have) your own podcast. You’re an expert with a story and a point of view.  You have overcame your fair share of obstacles. Your audience is hungry to hear more.

Let’s go. ⚡️

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How can podcast interviews work for you?