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Joe Keeley – CEO & Co-Founder of JustiFi


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"[Podcast guest interviews] have been, by far, the most successful channel for us.”

Traditional payment processors capture the lion’s share of profits from the funds flowing through your platform with legacy architecture that suppresses the value of your company. That’s not right.

We deliver payment and embedded fintech solutions that accelerate the potential of vertical SaaS platforms.

Accelerate Your Potential with Payments & Embedded Fintech:

Of course, you need the right sub-account architecture and below-market-rate pricing to be in the payments game. But it takes much, much more to win. The JustiFi payments & embedded fintech platform, combined with our team of strategic payment experts, will help you win the payments game and dominate your corner of the internet.

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Why Podcast Guest Interviews?

Joe Keeley is a dynamic, yet thoughtful entrepreneur and conscious leader. As such, Keeley is the CEO and Co-founder of JustiFi Technologies, a venture-backed fintech business providing payments and fintech infrastructure and strategy for vertical SaaS platforms. JustiFi exists to accelerate the potential of vertical SaaS platforms by bringing optimized embedded payments and beyond payments fintech solutions to bear resulting in increased value for the platform of 3-5X with remarkably lower cost of ownership.

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Keeley also founded and grew College Nannies, Sitters & Tutors (CNST), the nation’s largest in-home childcare and tutoring company. CNST disrupted the fragmented in-home childcare market through Keeley’s people leadership, technological innovation and indomitable spirit. Keeley led CNST to over 200 franchises in the USA and United Kingdom (a milestone less than 5% of franchisors achieve) and over 13,000 employees. In 2016, College Nannies, Sitters & Tutors was acquired by Bright Horizons Family Solutions (NYSE: BFAM), the largest corporate sponsored childcare operator globally. JustiFi uses podcast guest interviews to educate prospects and close new business.

Clients Speak About The Impact of Podcast Guest Interviews

“I thought Kitcaster had a great website and made it very simple to sign up. It was an easy process that was simple to streamline into a work schedule.”

“I have made many connections in the industry who have reached out to me. I have certainly gained more following, and personal brand recognition as well as business brand recognition.”

“I did not expect to be asked back for subsequent podcast, and I’ve even had new people reach out to ask me to be on their show. So it’s been fun to gain even more connections and opportunities to speak. Another thing that has been great is that I feel like being on the podcast has really helped me to further define and identify my personal brand, what my general talking points are, and it has helped me grow into my own personal and business brand.”

“I have loved how easy it is to track everything through Kitcaster’s reports, if I have any questions about scheduling, or even finding links to previously recorded shows, I know exactly how to do it. Kate has been the absolute best and if something comes up or we need to reschedule it happens very quickly and easily.”



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