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I'm *very* bullish on podcasting as a marketing channel. The cost to create content is much lower. The distribution is better than doing it on your own. And it's certainly more credible and a better brand building than just the blogspam everyone's marketing teams so intent on putting out these days.

Fathom is a free app that records, transcribes, and replaces note-taking with a click of a button on your Zoom calls, so you can simply focus on the conversation at hand. With it you can easily share call highlights with your team via email, Slack, or auto-generated summaries sent to your CRM.

Fathom was a part of the Y-Combinator W21 batch, a Product Hunt Top Product of the Day, a G2 High Performer, is one of only 50 Zoom App Launch Partners, and is one of a small handful of companies Zoom has invested in, directly via their Zoom Apps Fund.

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Why Podcast Guest Interviews?

Fathom CEO and founder Rich White knows the importance of brand exposure. Part of building a company brand is building a personal brand. Podcasts are the perfect medium to get the story of Fathom out into critical circles of influence to reach potential customers.

The Impact of Podcasting

Fathom CEO Rich White has shared his wisdom and expertise with numerous podcast audiences. Through podcast interviews, he’s able to touch on pain points experienced by his potential users and demonstrate how Fathom swoops in to alleviate the pain of the constant taking and sharing of notes. Each podcast interview has opened the door for new business development opportunities. The interviews also provide content to repurpose on social media channels, which is a considerable content generator burden lifted from the Fathom team.



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