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Shauna Reiter – Founder, Alaya Naturals

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In Sanskrit, Alaya means “dwelling” or “abode.” As Shauna developed her line of Alaya Natural products, she kept the idea that the human body is a place of shelter at the forefront of our minds. And so began our journey into the world of superfoods with the creation of Alaya Naturals.

Alaya Naturals is perfect for anyone wanting to dive into alternative dietary changes and live an overall healthier lifestyle. They continue to research, test, and perfect their products to deliver the very best to the community.

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Why Podcast Guest Interviews?

The concept of Alaya extends beyond the physical body to encompass the fullness of all of our experiences—our personal histories and our future potential. Podcasts play a role in that vision. Alaya Naturals founder Shauna Reiter knows the importance of building a personal brand. 

The Impact of Podcast Guest Interviews

Shauna has used podcast guest interviews to share stories and connect deeply with new audiences. Some include:

  • How functional medicine and alternative health approaches helped cure me of Crohn’s disease & ulcerative colitis and support my current condition of leukopenia.
  • How to prepare for an unmedicated birth and how to nourish your body physically and emotionally during pregnancy and as a new mother.
  • My experience of having been home-schooled as a teenager and now homeschooling children as an adult.
  • Other people’s struggles and my intuitive insights into what may be going on/how to heal.


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