Corporate Dollars Burning a Hole in Your Pocket?

Kitcaster is here to help.

Hi, prospective enterprise client.

Presumably, your budget has been nicely balanced for the last ten months.

But now, with father time stomping his spiked, fiscal heel towards your throat, you’re down to the wire.

If there is more money then you can spend left in your yearly marketing budget, the downright un-American idea of leaving money unspent must be nauseating.

With 2020 looming right around the corner, are you scrambling to increase social spend?

Do you have a gorilla costumed junior employee outside spinning a sign?

Sure, those strategies could work, but how great would it be to throw those extra dollars at something that has a positive impact on your company?

Storytelling has been a form of connection since the beginning of time.

And as our world becomes more tech-driven and automated, storytelling is a way to actually connect when we all feel so disconnected.

Brands know the power of storytelling, and podcasts are a great way to make your brand human.

Let your customers and potential customers hear from the people making a difference within your organization.

Our Kitcaster team works closely with your company to get your amazing, often behind the scenes people, on top podcasts.

Podcasts are great platform to share important commitments your company has made in people capital and big initiatives.

Think customer service, company culture, user experience and diversity & inclusion. 

Is customer service a top priority for 2020?

Why not get your CSR lead on a podcast to talk about why, what and how they will be making it a top priority?

Has your company come under fire for its lack of company culture and low employee retention rates?

Let the world know the steps you have taken to improve. Who knows, you might just be able to attract more top talent and also gain some additional respect from your customers. 

Podcasts connect people in a world that seems less connected than ever.

When you finish listening to a good podcast, there is a connection, a sense that you might just know the founder of 23andMe.

Why not try something different with those extra dollars?


Never spammed, never will.

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