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Daniel Huerter – CEO of Pure Spectrum

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"Podcasting offers a platform for diverse discussions and connections. The variety keeps it fresh and engaging, preventing us from feeling like a broken record.”

Born in the mountains of Evergreen, Colorado – Pure Spectrum is committed to cultivating and crafting the highest quality hemp-derived products.

After graduating from University of Kansas in 2012, Huerter pursued a successful career with a Fortune 500 software company. He quickly gained the trust of high-level clients in the public sector like SMU, Cal Poly, and even The United States Senate. 

His drive and passion to create something he believed in, helped push him to take the risk and leave that career behind – rolling the dice with a cannabis startup in the early days of the CBD boom. 

Huerter became the first person to speak about the benefits of CBD for athletes on national television, highlighting the company’s partnership with The CrossFit Games on CBS Sports in 2018. He would continue to help Pure Spectrum grow and achieve history-making milestones before stepping down as COO in 2019. 

After co-founding and helping run a hemp distribution company from 2019 to 2021 – Huerter answered the call from his first company – asking him to return and take over as CEO.

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Why Podcast Guest Interviews?

“I’ve learned some valuable lessons along the way, like the importance of matching my energy to the topic at hand. Balancing between business, wellness, and cannabis discussions allows for a broad spectrum of perspectives on wellness, which is our north star. Additionally, inviting hosts on our own podcast adds another dimension to our content strategy, expanding our reach and impact within our industry.”

Quotes from our other clients:

“I thought Kitcaster had a great website and made it very simple to sign up. It was an easy process that was simple to streamline into a work schedule.”

“I have made many connections in the industry who have reached out to me. I have certainly gained more following, and personal brand recognition as well as business brand recognition.”

“I did not expect to be asked back for subsequent podcast, and I’ve even had new people reach out to ask me to be on their show. So it’s been fun to gain even more connections and opportunities to speak. Another thing that has been great is that I feel like being on the podcast has really helped me to further define and identify my personal brand, what my general talking points are, and it has helped me grow into my own personal and business brand.”

“I have loved how easy it is to track everything through Kitcaster’s reports, if I have any questions about scheduling, or even finding links to previously recorded shows, I know exactly how to do it. Kate has been the absolute best and if something comes up or we need to reschedule it happens very quickly and easily.”



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