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Andrew Kap

Best-Selling Law of Attraction Author

Wellness, Other, Personal Growth

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Tim Krass

Host of Timeout For Mental Health

Let’s talk about relationships between women and men both at home and in the workplace and how toxic masculinity affects those relationships.

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Sean Zyer

Co-Founder of Earth Buddy Pet Products

Let’s talk about how cannabis can help our pets.

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Karon Hawkins

Passionate Mover Seeking To Impact

Let’s talk Mobility, Stability, Nutrition & Mindset
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Hattie G Isen

A Real Racial Traumatic Life Journey

Let’s talk about Tips for Humanity & compassionate wisdom based off a personal story for the betterment of all.

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Kenneth Brady

Father, Veteran, Life Coach, Philosopher, Creator

Let’s talk about overcoming obstacles, while achieving our goals in the process.

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John Paul Kilduff II

Delinquent turned Military turned Serial Entrepreneur

Real Estate, Investing, Social Media Management, Skip Tracing

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Carmelle Cottrell

Frugal Mom to Cash Queen reigning

Money Coaching for Busy Moms, Budgeting, Negotiating Income potential, shifting mindsets

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Michelle Zellner

Author / Health and Happiness Strategist / Corporate Wellness Trainer

Let’s talk about better minds. Better bodies. Better Beings 

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David Dennis

Co-Founder Ventana Surfboards

Let’s talk about the surfing biz.

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Kevin Rauber

Firefighter, Podcaster, Entrepreneur, and Dad

We can discuss any topic you would like! I enjoy creating content with other podcast hosts and having the opportunity to be “in front” of their listener base. I’m naturally laid back, fun and can carry a conversation with just about anyone.

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Ronit Plank


Lost my mother twice to a guru, grew up without her, reconciled when I was an adult. Writer, podcaster, empathy warrior and author of the new memoir When She Comes Back. 

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Scott Taylor

Can't stop making what is missing

Let’s talk about Cargo Bikes for normal folks.

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Ben Harris

Fear Coach / Life Enthusiast / People Lover

Let’s talk about fear, challenges, men’s vulnerability and emotions

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