How do I get on Joe Rogan?

In case you are curious. 💪😎

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By Ryan Estes

“Can you book me on the Joe Rogan Experience!?”

We have heard that question once or twice. 😉 A few weeks ago, Joe talked to Dave Chappelle. At the end of a great conversation, Joe addressed exactly how he books his podcast. It was a fun line of discussion for us at Kitcaster – I thought we should share. 

To hear the segment skip to 3:07:25 in the Spotify player above.


All these podcasts that I book, it’s all based on my interests.

I get a list of people that are trying to get on, and I go: “What did that guy write a book about? Oh, I wanna talk to that dude.”

And it’s just entirely based on me wanting to talk to this person.


Do they solicit you, or…?


Spotify has nothing to do with it.


No, I’m saying the people on the show.


Some of them, yeah.


I mean… I called you.


But some of them – I’ll call them. I’ll watch a documentary and go:

“Hey, can you get this guy?”

And reach out and try to get them. Or some of them, I’ve read their book. Or someone will recommend someone to me.

It’s all different.

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How does Joe Rogan decide who to invite on his podcast?

Joe Rogan books guests for his podcast based on his personal interests. He reviews a list of potential guests, often choosing individuals whose work—such as a book or documentary—has caught his attention. His decision-making is primarily driven by a genuine desire to talk to these people, making the selection process very personal and selective.

Does Spotify influence the guest selection on the Joe Rogan Experience?

Spotify does not influence the guest selection process for the Joe Rogan Experience. Joe Rogan maintains full control over whom he chooses to interview, ensuring that the discussions align with his interests and the themes of the show.

How do guests get on the Joe Rogan Experience?

Guests can appear on the Joe Rogan Experience through various means. Some guests are directly solicited by Joe Rogan himself, especially if he has been inspired by their work or comes across a recommendation. Others may reach out to him, like Dave Chappelle did. The process varies, involving both direct invitations from Rogan and inbound requests from potential guests.


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