Leveraging Your Podcast Interviews

Repurposing Podcast Guest Interviews – Resource and Recommendation

What's the ROI from podcast interviews?

Podcasts are the cat’s whiskers — right? Think about it, many of us turn to podcasts to get caught up on current events, schooled in something new, and be inspired by listening to entrepreneurial journeys.

If done right, podcasts can deliver a great return for brands. Podcast content can play an integral role at every stage of your marketing and sales process. It is a two-way conversation, and you can guide the conversations towards beneficial topics.

Bottom line, you get out what you put in; be clear with your intention for each interview. 

Are you looking for new sales prospects? Do you want to leverage your expertise and thought leadership? Are you searching for strategic partners? Maybe some of those VC dollars? Podcasts have the potential to deliver these outcomes. In this article, we will explore how to use podcast interviews to

  1. Generate leads
  2. Create sales assets
  3. Validate new products
  4. Raise money
  5. Create new opportunities with podcast hosts

1. Generate leads


When the podcast episode you were interviewed on goes live, there will be a nice lift in website traffic for several days (especially the podcasts with really big audiences).

More than likely, this is the first time these people have been to your website, and you should let them know they are in the right place. 
We suggest using a banner or pop-up welcoming the new audience to your site. If you mentioned an offer during the podcast episode, it’s time to deliver on that promise and convert those visitors. 


However, even with a warm welcome and an easy conversion, you’re not going to convert 100% of the traffic at a first impression.

If you can, segment and retarget the traffic to your landing page.

By segmenting your audience in this way, you can speak very directly about the episode they just listened to. The deeper you can connect with your prospects, the greater chance you can convert them into clients and customers.

2. Create sales assets

Undoubtedly, podcast interviews will drive sales at a first impression.  After all, the audience just got a personal tour of the product and company journey by the founder. But to fully realize the sales potential from your podcast interviews, you should plan on repurposing the content. 
By repurposing your podcast interviews, you can create evergreen marketing assets you can use for years. Use this content to nurture your prospects’ sales journey from awareness and consideration to close. Here are a couple of ways you can repurpose your podcast interviews:
  • Use in email, website, and social media copy
  • Use sections in a beginning draft for a whitepaper, guest post, or book
  • Use to add relevant search keywords on your website
  • Use to generate quotes for presentations
  • Use to create product descriptions
  • Use to write press pitches
  • Use to refresh old brand messaging or webinars
  • Edit audio snippets into videos and social media posts
  • Use for intro/outros for podcasts and brand videos
  • Publish a “highlights” reel in your email signature
  • Publish responses to FAQs for sales teams
  • Publish key product features and benefits
  • Publish new product or culture pieces and share them internally
  • Publish daily snippets on Linkedin

3. Validate new products

You have a new idea. Maybe it’s a new feature or service – perhaps it’s a brand new business idea. You’re excited about the idea, but it’s untested.
Share the idea on a podcast. Ask for the input!
Nobody wants to waste money on a project that fails to gain traction. But more important than the money is the time invested in a doomed project. You can never get the time back. Podcasts provide instant feedback from the host and, if you’re lucky, their audience.

If you can clearly describe the problem and the solution you’re working on AND the audience responds – you might have something. 🙂 

4. Raise money

Investors listen to podcasts. Angels, venture capitalists, and high-net-worth individuals are all looking for early-stage investment opportunities. These folks are traditionally complicated to get in front of in a meaningful way. Podcast interviews put you in the right place at the right time to catch their attention.
Podcasts establish trust and highlight your greatest accomplishments. If you’re looking to leverage podcast interviews to attract investment opportunities, remember these three things: 
  1. Mention in the interview you are preparing to raise a round of funding. Describe your ideal investor relationship and how much money you need.
  2. Tell a story that demonstrates you can be trusted. 
  3. Describe the opportunity with passion and urgency.  

5. Create opportunities with podcast hosts

Podcast hosts are a goldmine for networking. They have the ear of your ideal prospects; they have garnered trust and authority. They have traded their audience for the chance at discovering your story and expertise. They have interviewed dozens of your peers. Hopefully you recorded a fantastic conversation! Why let the relationship end there?
Prepare for opportunities between you and the host. here are a couple of ways you can nurture the relationship forward:
  1. Be sure to thank the host for the interview
  2. Share your interview on all of your social media platforms
  3. Offer to boost your episode to the host’s audience ($25 goes a long way on Facebook and Instagram)
  4. Ask about podcast sponsorship opportunities
  5. Ask if you can make an introduction for them to someone in your network
  6. Send them a thank you card
  7. Ask them how you can help them
  8. Give more 🙂 
Podcasting is a tough job. There are a lot of moving pieces! A spirit of gratitude and reciprocity goes a long way after you have recorded an episode of their podcast. 

What is the ROI from podcast interviews for brands?

Podcast interviews can significantly enhance a brand’s marketing strategy, offering opportunities to generate leads, create sales assets, validate new products, raise funding, and build valuable networking connections with podcast hosts.

How can podcasts generate leads for your business?

Podcasts can drive website traffic and help in lead generation when episodes go live. Brands can convert this traffic by welcoming new visitors with banners or pop-ups and offering specific deals mentioned during the podcast. Additionally, segmenting and retargeting visitors can further improve conversion rates.

What are the benefits of repurposing podcast content?

Repurposing podcast content creates evergreen marketing assets that help nurture prospects throughout the sales journey. This content can be used in various forms, such as transcriptions for web copy, audio snippets for social media posts, and key quotes for presentations or press pitches.

How can podcasts help validate new products?

Podcasts provide a platform for sharing new ideas or products and receiving instant feedback. This interaction can be crucial for determining if a product will resonate with the target audience, saving time and resources on potentially unsuccessful projects.

How can podcasts aid in raising funds for your business?

Podcast interviews can attract potential investors by establishing trust and highlighting a brand’s achievements. Mentioning funding goals during interviews and describing the investment opportunity with passion can draw interest from angels, venture capitalists, and other investors.

How can building relationships with podcast hosts benefit your brand?

Building relationships with podcast hosts can lead to ongoing opportunities for collaboration and exposure. Engaging with hosts post-interview through social media shares, thank-you notes, and potential sponsorship opportunities can enhance networking and open new avenues for brand promotion.

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How can podcast interviews work for you?