Today's New Media: Taking a Look at Modern PR in Podcasting

Are Podcasts Stealing the Stage in Modern PR?

Brandy Riley

By Brandy Whalen and Riley Coy

The days of print ads and viral blogs are fading and more effective routes to markets have emerged. In our current climate, modern PR efforts require a blend of hands-on tech and genuine connections with target audiences to garner a loyal following — podcasts checks all these boxes. Much like blogging fifteen years ago, podcast interviews can be a great tool for prospecting clients. The audio exists as a time capsule of your best pitch, which can be repurposed time and time again.

Podcast interviews have also become an integral part of any well-rounded PR campaign. By showing the audience who the speaker is, using their own words, podcasting cements brand recognition. Using readily available PR products, podcast marketing teams can quickly boost an existing ad campaign.

Think ‘the sexy side of technology,’ podcasting is rising to meet the challenge of creating compelling PR campaigns in an ever-changing media market. Podcast interviews provide a format for today’s in-demand entrepreneurs to not only talk about their offerings, but also about themselves, their motivation, and essentially, how they got where they are and where they hope to go next.

Hitting The Sweet Spot

Described as the ‘sweet spot between books and television,’ podcasting has the ability to create an intimate connection between those needing to tell a story and those wanting to listen to it. Often, these shared experiences are capable of reaching more folks than traditional forms of media.

By promoting a simpatico relationship between storyteller and listener, podcasting promotes a more collaborative environment for marketers and consumers alike. In a podcast interview, a client can talk about their specific products in a much more multi-faceted way.

“Unlike other forms of media, podcast interviews provide a unique opportunity for folks behind a brand to make an intimate connection with their audience.”

Like Apples and Oranges – Sort of

While advertising and PR dovetail into each other, they are far from the same thing. Understandably, few people want to listen to a thirty-minute advertisement. For a podcast to be successful, it must be more than a sales pitch – it has to tell a good story.

And speaking of telling a good story, consider the difference between marketing and selling using a traditional PR campaign versus what you now do to promote the same product or service. For example, in the past, you sold a tractor by running a glossy campaign with a farmer atop one riding through a sunlight hayfield. Today, people still need tractors. But, a good PR person must market that same tractor on media platforms like Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram, and, of course, in podcast interviews. In today’s new media, you’re selling not only the tractor; you’re propelling the farming game to the next level by showing a ‘cool farmer’ on Instagram live using autonomous technology.

A Game Changer?

Podcast interviews also present a unique opportunity to secure the low-hanging fruit of marketing – quick placements. By pairing relevant content with readily available recording equipment and studios, startup founders have immediate access to an effective, on-demand marketing strategy. Podcasting delivers more diverse marketing opportunities at a high frequency. The take-away for today’s PR professionals? More sleep-filled nights and happier clients.

The Intersection Between Podcasting and Traditional Media

Rather than replacing it, podcasting complements traditional media. The podcasting marketing platform enables busy PR teams to do what they do best – focus on client management – while a crew works behind the scenes securing interview opportunities. The end result is a collaboration that enables clients to showcase expertise in their chosen niche.

In today’s demanding marketing environment, every well-rounded PR campaign should include podcast interviews. Even better, the campaign should give the target audience a taste of who the speaker is – essential for brand recognition. A skilled podcast marketing team can create an effective podcast from the information a PR agency has already collected – talking points, bios, headshots – and deliver it to the campaign manager’s front door. And, while it’s always nerve-wracking for any agency to bring in outside support, most see how podcasting supplements their marketing strategy almost immediately.
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Monitoring a Podcast’s Success

Although podcast interviews have come a long way in a short time, it’s often hard to see objective analytics for podcasters. To ensure a podcasting campaign delivers the best possible information to its target audience, it’s essential to look for categorical relevance within one’s podcast catalog. One effective way to do this is by assessing what industries the marketer is playing in and determining where their podcast interviews rank. This is no easy task, as there are about 6 million active podcasts currently.

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