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Gregory Bailey


Be Better: Hiring and Scaling in the New Normal


Nate Joens


October 5, 2020


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Be Better: Hiring and Scaling in the New Normal

Structurely — an AI-powered conversational platform for businesses — produces a podcast ideal for business owners. In this fourth session of its Tech Fest series, host Nate Joens speaks with Denim Socia’s president & chief product officer (CFO) Gregory Bailey about scaling businesses in the new normal. 

There has been a shift in the workforce’s location flexibility demand since the pandemic began. Nowadays, employees prefer working in different settings —  like in the office, a co-working space, a coffee shop, or home. 


In this podcast, you will learn:

  • Scaling techniques in the new normal
  • How to define your company’s hiring value proposition
  • The role of communications in a remote setting


Good Question & Answer 1:

Nate: How can you involve an entire remote team to get a new hire up to speed?

Gregory: It’s essential to create a company-wide calendar that includes a brief bio about new hires and their responsibilities in the company. 

The bio should cover some history about new hires and their personal and professional experiences. Afterward, it’s best to involve everyone in a Slack meet and greet to make formal introductions. 


Good Question & Answer 2:

Nate: How important is communication in scaling a company remotely?

Gregory: It’s more crucial than ever right now that we communicate whatever mechanism we use in hiring. Doing so guarantees that the new hire won’t sit at home wondering what to do next. For a remote setting to work, we should provide new hires with all the tools they need to perform at their best. 

When you start to scale, communication should be part of your culture. It matters more than you think. A culture of open communication is the key to retaining individuals working from various settings. 


Additional Topics Discussed:

  • The importance of creating a calendar for new hires 
  • The value of building a company culture in a flexible work environment
  • How to create a winning team


Host / Podcast Bio:

Nate co-founded Structurely, an AI company based in Ames, Iowa that aims to scale personalized conversations. 

With his experience in Geographic Information Services (GIS), project management, financing, and real estate, he knows how to address the consumer needs of these industries. This unique blend of strengths gives him an exceptional advantage in scaling startups. His team’s software now serves over 5,000 reps in North America. 

Guest Bio:

Greg is the president and CPO at Denim Social. His over 25 years of business experience enabled him to become a successful entrepreneur, technology company founder, startup adviser, and angel investor. 

His deep understanding of the digital marketing world allows him to address consumer needs remotely. 


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