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Andrei Tiu

Marketing Entrepreneur, Podcaster, #1 Bestselling Author & Musician

Marketing Strategy, Entrepreneurship & start-up advice, Digital Marketing Hacks

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Melissa Oatman

Spiritual Life Coach/Teacher/Author

Spirituality, Mindset Shifting, Surviving Divorce and Single Motherhood

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kitcaster rnd

You could be here!

Podcasting | Online Advertising | Marketing

I love podcasting!

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Simon Christopher Pellett

Musician / Podcaster / Merch Designer / Empath / Dog Lover

Promoting entrepreneurship to musicians, dealing with mental health and chronic pain, the merch industry, empathy and ethics.

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Pratiti Pathak

Realtor/Coach/ Connector /Post-Traumatic Growth

Growing and Evolving through life’s challenges

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Rick Neuman

Software | Online Advertising | eCommerce

I am largely interested in invention, simplicity, happiness… and making a lasting positive impact on society as a whole. Life is about changing the world after all!

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Tom Donohue

Founder / Creator / Music Producer / Action Junkie

Financial Services, Cryptocurrency, Marketing

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Nicole Bremner

Real estate professional / Start up Investor / Mum / Sailor

Real estate investing, start up investing, being a mum, being a single mum, rebounding from personal and professional setback, the value of time.

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Sarah Barnes-Humphrey

logistics | supply chain | diversity and inclusion | podcasting | entrepreneurship

“Go To” for supply chain content | Passionate about diversity and inclusion | creating the next generation of international shipping

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Isabella Johnston

Eclectic serial entrepreneur that loves humans.

Human Resources, Business, Consulting

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Andrew Kap

Best-Selling Law of Attraction Author

Wellness, Other, Personal Growth

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Samantha Joule Fow


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John Paul Kilduff II

Delinquent turned Military turned Serial Entrepreneur

Real Estate, Investing, Social Media Management, Skip Tracing

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Carmelle Cottrell

Frugal Mom to Cash Queen reigning

Money Coaching for Busy Moms, Budgeting, Negotiating Income potential, shifting mindsets

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Karen Swyszcz

Social Entrepreneur/Best-Selling Author

Career Change, Blazing your own trail, How a blog or podcast can build your network/create opportunities for your brand and business.

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Ruthie Bowles

Founder | Veteran | Mother | Author | Speaker | Homesteader

 Author, Marketing, Content Strategy, B2B, Social Media, Inbound Marketing, SEO Content Writing 

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Dee Acosta

Advisor. Seller. Evengalist. Dad.

Sales, Intent-based Marketing, Marketing, Business, B2B Sales, Generating Revenue, Information Technology

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Shani Fox

Becoming the change I want to see (thank you, Mr. Gandhi)

Cancer Survivorship Expert, Physician, Coach, Health, Wellness, Personal Happiness

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