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Kitcaster’s legendary service + Story Craft + Content Studio + Approval Portal and we only schedule you on the World’s Top 2% of podcasts✌️

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We book you on world-class podcasts.

Kitcaster works behind the scene to deliver great placements on your behalf.

This service is designed for high-profile professionals looking to land conversations with top podcast hosts. Kitcaster will do the heavy lift so you can continue to shine.

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Incredible value

Your ideal podcast interview opportunities.

Over six months, Kitcaster will book you on five podcasts. Each of these podcasts will have a Global Rank of 2% or better. You approve every podcast before we pitch them. 

Fast and relevant

Massive traction for your marketing.

After each of your episodes is published, we will repurpose the interview into artwork, quotes, and a blog post for your marketing and sales channels.


All the results, none of the hassle.

Before your first recording, you have the option for our Story Craft session. This one-hour, one-on-one consultation will help you craft your personal narrative to drive the outcomes you are looking to achieve.   


How it works

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Submit Your Application

*Some restrictions apply. We create your media kit, and schedule your Story Craft.

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Schedule onboarding

Upon enrollment, we will discuss your ideal outcomes, audiences, and podcast categories.

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Kitcaster will deliver your scheduled podcast interviews, directly to your calendar. 

Who are you?

We've found the most success with...

Funded startup founders

Seed and venture backed

Add runway. 🚀

Entrepreneurs with exits

New product launches

Connect to customers. 💪

C-Suite execs

Thought leadership

Separate from the pack. 📈

We help a lot of Platinum clients in these verticals...

Women Entrepreneurs

Leadership and business

Real Estate

Tech and service

Financial Services

Fintech / DeFi


Envirotech and products


Music and streaming


Published and launching


SaaS, Blockchain, B2B


Brands and goods


Health, sex, and medical


Lifestyle and professional

Startup Founders

Funding and scale


Compliance and security

What the industry has to say about Kitcaster.

Platinum Qualifications

All the results, none of the hassle.

Our Platinum Package clients are required to have a unique point of differentiation about their approach to leadership. Because these podcasts have a massive following, the prospective guest must also have a large following as indicated below. You must also commit to promoting their episode once it is released.

 – LinkedIn: 10K+
 – Twitter: 10K+
 – Facebook: 10K+
 – Instagram: 3K+
 – Email list: 10K+

If you meet the above audience requirements, please complete this short pre-interview questionnaire. Upon review, we’ll be in touch with the next step—scheduling the pre-interview call.

Simple Pricing


Kitcaster Platinum

$ 2,499 per month, for 6 months
  • Five scheduled podcast interviews
  • Interactive media kit
  • One Story Craft session
  • Content Studio for each episode
  • Podcast Approval Portal
  • The world's Top 2%+ of podcasts
  • Podcast Approval Portal
  • Apply now!


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