Podcast Approval Portal

Prospective podcast insight – before we pitch.

What to expect with
the Podcast Approval Portal

Contact your agent to add the Podcast Approval Portal to your campaign for $500 / month.

I’m Ryan from Kitcaster.

I’m going to give you a little tour here of our Podcast Approval Portal.

The price is an additional $500 per month and we’ll give you insight into the podcasts we’re considering before we pitch.

Essentially, you go through this list and say, “DO NOT PITCH”, for the podcasts you would not like us to pursue.

The Podcast Approval Portal will give you multiple data points to research and qualify your prospective podcast interviews, including:

  • Podcast Name
  • Network / Publisher
  • Do Not Pitch
  • Client Notes
  • Apple Podcast Link
  • Global Rank %
  • Show Notes
  • Website


Your Podcast Agent will prepare your Approval Portal and then send it to you for your review.

If you see a podcast you do not want to be pitched to, simply add “DO NOT PITCH” in the appropriate column. 

There is an additional column for your “Clients notes” as well. 

You can add or remove the Approval Portal to your campaign at any time.

If the Podcast Approval Portal sounds like a good resource for your campaign, contact your agent today!


How can podcast interviews work for you?