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In this episode of “Dream Big & Kick Ass,” Ryan Estes speaks with host Mandy Sawyer about how he started podcasting and co-founded Kitcaster. He also talks about how he began his creative journey and transitioned into podcasting. Ryan shares insights on the power of creativity and how it has helped grow Kitcaster.

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Finding Common Ground - Dream Big & Kick Ass - Kitcaster Podcast Booking Agency

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Ryan’s journey in podcasting and how he started Kitcaster
  • How Kitcaster functions as a podcast booking agency
  • How Kitcaster works with funded startup founders, entrepreneurs with exits, C -suite executives, and business owners to book podcast interviews
  • How can creative people can find common ground through podcasting 
  • Ryan’s advice about creativity for anyone looking for success in their career 
  • How to connect with influential people 


Mandy Sawyer: How does this podcast booking agency work? How does it pan out? How does that work?

Ryan Estes: We work almost exclusively with funded startup founders, entrepreneurs with exits, and C-suite executives. And we book them on the world’s top podcasts. What they all have in common is that these are Type-A, insanely busy people.

Our job is to weave these podcast interviews into their work schedule. To do that, we have a three-step process. One, we take a real deep dive into the audience they want to speak to and what they want to talk about, and ultimately, what are the outcomes you want to get from podcasting.

Everybody wants more prospects, of course, some folks want to recruit, and they’re using podcasts for that. Some folks are looking for the runway; they’re looking for relationships with angel investors, venture capitalists, and things like that.

For the second step, we drill down that goal and we build their media kit. And then the third step is just what we do every day: qualify great podcasts, pitch them, work on the pre-production, and put them on podcast tour.

So if our job is done well, it is, because I believe we’re the best in the world at this, then all our clients need to do is open their calendar, click the link, and have a great conversation.

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Podcast Booking Agency

Mandy Sawyer: Is there an easy answer to those big questions of how do you get more listeners? And how do you monetize your podcast?

Ryan Estes: You can have affiliate sponsorship. Kitcaster has probably 70 or 80 podcasts that we sponsor. Our affiliate sponsorship works basically by generating leads.

Every podcast that we sponsor has its landing page, and if they share that and a lead comes through, we pay them a certain amount. If that lead becomes business for us, we pay them a much greater amount.

Affiliate sponsorships, which are performance-based sponsorships, are fantastic for podcasts that are on their way up the podcast and find their niche speaking to their people. 

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Additional topics discussed:

  • Role of podcasts in culture
  • How podcasting can help build relationships
  • Creativity and how to put it into practice for success in a career
  • What motivates and inspires Ryan Estes
  • How a podcast booking agency works
  • What is a podcast agent?
  • What a podcast guest appearance can do for your business
  • Why your business should be looking for podcasts


Host / Podcast Bio:

Mandy Sawyer, an educator, and solopreneur, interviewing people like you who are overcoming hurdles and taking action to reach their goals. For Mandy, working on your growth attitude, whether through a side hustle or other means, is essential.

Let's go on podcasts

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Podcast Booking Agency
Podcast Booking Agency

How does Kitcaster function as a podcast booking agency?

Kitcaster operates by partnering primarily with funded startup founders, entrepreneurs with successful exits, and C-suite executives to schedule them for interviews on top podcasts. We integrate these engagements into our clients’ busy schedules through a meticulous three step process that includes audience analysis, media kit preparation, and podcast scheduling.

What unique approach does Kitcaster use to integrate podcast interviews into their clients’ schedules?

Kitcaster uses a personalized approach that involves understanding the specific audience and outcomes our clients aim for from podcasting, developing a tailored media kit, and then proactively scheduling and managing podcast appearances to fit seamlessly into the clients’ existing commitments.

How can podcasts serve as a platform for creative individuals to find common ground?

Podcasts provide a versatile platform where individuals from various backgrounds can share their unique stories and perspectives, fostering a sense of community and understanding. This platform allows for deep dives into personal journeys and professional insights, helping listeners and guests find common ground through shared experiences and values.

What role do podcasts play in cultural and relationship building?

Podcasts play a significant role in shaping culture and building relationships by providing a space for in-depth discussions on various topics, including societal flaws and personal growth. They offer a platform for voices from diverse backgrounds to be heard and can foster a sense of community among listeners and guests.

Why should businesses consider podcast guest appearances?

Businesses should consider podcast guest appearances as a strategic move to enhance their brand visibility, establish authority in their industry, and connect with potential customers or partners. These appearances can lead to direct engagement with targeted audiences, providing an intimate way to communicate the brand’s message and values.


How can podcast interviews work for you?