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"To me, a conversation is everything." -Ryan Estes

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In this episode, guests Ryan Estes and DeLon Canterbury talk about a few things with host Jim Barood. Ryan discusses his career in music before finding a love for podcasting. Ryan also describes the inception of Kitcaster with his co-founder Brandy Whalen.

A Few Things with Jim Barrood links:

“If you can separate yourself from the product itself, it’ll be a lot less painless to kill the idea when it’s not working.”

A Few Things with Jim Barrood

In this episode, guests Ryan Estes and DeLon Canterbury talk about a few things with host Jim Barood. Ryan discusses his career in music before finding a love for podcasting. Ryan also describes the inception of Kitcaster with his co-founder Brandy Whalen.

DeLon Canterbury is a pharmacist and founder of geriatrics, a telehealth D prescribing company. DeLon is passionate about helping people, especially senior citizens. He tells the story of how his grandmother helped shape his work ethic.

Ryan and DeLon come from different backgrounds but find common ground through their conversation. Building relationships through conversation is one of the main tenets of Kitcaster.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Ryan Estes’ career pivot from music to podcasting
  • DeLon Canterbury’s story of how his grandmother impacted him and his work ethic
  • The importance of D prescribing
  • The secret sauce in hiring and retaining employees nowadays

“With action and a common purpose, let us dismantle the barriers that divide us.”

Podcast Booking Service

Jim Barrood: Talk to us about how you got to where you are now, Ryan,

Ryan Estes: Twelve years ago, I started Denver’s first social media marketing company called Talklaunch. And at about the same time, I was pivoting careers. I had a career in music, and I also had two young babies. The local music industry is not necessarily the fulcrum of commerce. So, I had some tough decisions to make; I left my music career. And, as a part of what I was doing with my marketing agency, I fell in love with podcasting really early on.

So, I started producing my own podcasts. And as that matured, I introduced podcasting to my business. I’d launched The Denver Business Podcast to some decent success. And I’ve basically been involved in podcasting ever since. A couple of years ago, my co-founder and I were having coffee, and we met because of podcasting and decided that podcasting would be something fun to work on together. So, we sketched out on a napkin that Kitcaster would have some initial success on the pilot program. So, we wrapped a brand around it. Two years later, here we are.

Additional topics discussed:

  • How podcasting can help entrepreneurs and executives alike
  • How podcast bookers help vet and place people on podcasts
  • Tips and advice on starting a business


Host/Podcast Bio: 

James Barood is a global speaker, innovation ecosystem leader, advisor, and author. He has been on the ground with entrepreneurs early in their journeys as they build companies from scratch into sustainable businesses.

James’ expertise is in innovation ecosystems, understanding what causes businesses to thrive or wither. He gained professional experience from working with startups of all sizes, industries, and stages.

Guest Bio:

DeLon Canterbury is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of GeriatRx, Inc. He has worked in the retail setting at Walgreens for a couple of years as a manager. In addition, DeLon has been a patient care advocate for many years. He is a pioneer of genetic testing for personalized medication therapy.

Canterbury dedicated his career to assisting low-income and rural socioeconomic populations throughout the Triangle, especially the senior citizens, to help his patients live healthier lives by guiding them through their health journeys.

Guest Bio:

Ryan Estes is the co-founder of Kitcaster, a podcast booking agency for entrepreneurs. Ryan hosted the podcast Talklaunch, which consistently ranked in the iTunes “Top 100” podcasts with more than a quarter-million downloads.

He attributes $1M+ in revenue for many businesses as a direct result of his podcasting efforts.

Resources and links mentioned in the show:

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What is the role of a podcast booking service like Kitcaster?

Kitcaster helps entrepreneurs and executives increase their visibility by booking them on relevant podcasts. Our service is crucial for those looking to share their stories, expertise, and business insights with a broader audience, thereby enhancing their personal and professional brand.

How can podcasting benefit entrepreneurs and executives?

Podcasting offers entrepreneurs and executives a platform to discuss their journeys, challenges, and successes, which helps in building their authority and connecting with like-minded individuals and potential customers in their industry.

What are some tips for starting a business shared in the podcast?

While specific tips were not detailed in the summary, the discussion likely included advice on leveraging personal passions, the importance of networking, and possibly strategic insights into effective marketing and brand development through channels like podcasting.

How does podcasting create opportunities for personal and business growth?

Podcasting allows individuals to articulate their business models and personal stories in an intimate format, which can attract investors, inspire peers, and engage a dedicated listener base that can lead to new business opportunities and growth.


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