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Health Fitness
Current Events

Miles Hanson

Marketer, copywriter, and owner of HeartFunnels

Marketing, Brand Growth, Systems, Sales Process, Consumer-Focused Marketing

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Candice S Dorsey

Founder | Podcast Launch Strategist

Launching Podcasts, Building Lasting Relationships, Podcasts

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Amy Mahjoory

Founder / HGTV Personality / Mama / Seinfeld Junkie

Public Speaking, Best Selling Author, Strategic Networking, Real Estate, Investing

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Sam Lindy

Designer| Artist | Grade Z DJ | Life Chat Aficionado

Media, Wellness, Other

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Josh Cary

Overcame a life full of fear, Co-Founder of PodMAX, Host of The Hidden Entrepreneur Show and On Air Brands LIVE!

How to take the action you know you need to take without caring what others think, and express your full ability!

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Carol Grace Stratton

Wife | Mover | Writer | Encourager | Spiritual | Humorous

Moving, helping new writers break into print, helping young Moms enjoy their season in life!

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Dr. Darian Parker

Connector/Kindness Centered/Father/Husband/CEO

Let’s talk about Fitness, Psychology, Health, Wellness, Spirituality.

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Nathan Delle

Founder / Designer / OurStudio

All things Internet, Stocks, Business and Social Media

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Emily Supiot

Photographer | Educator | Mom of 4

I love talking photography, Photoshop, and motherhood.

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Jared Valdez

Grassroots Activist, Game Designer, Youtuber, Model, Data Lover

My struggle has become my super power. I started a social-network at 12 years old with well over 10k users. I started my first business at 19 by refurbishing broken iPhones. Millions of people around the world know my name. (True Story)

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Ronit Plank


Lost my mother twice to a guru, grew up without her, reconciled when I was an adult. Writer, podcaster, empathy warrior and author of the new memoir When She Comes Back.
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Dylan Smith

Co-Founder of Evolve United

Entrepreneurship, Mental Health/ADHD, Traumatic Brain Injury, Therapy, Persistence

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Katie Brinkley

Social Media Guru Since Myspace Days

 Let’s talk about the Power of Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing & Advertising for your business

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Ellie Sarmadi

Survivor, Mother, Wall-Streeter, Start-up Tech CEO

Challenges of “making it” as a minority, a woman and a mom – Anything is possible. The world of fitness and where it’s headed.

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Rachel R. Noall

Poet, Magazine Editor, Creative Entrepreneur

Rachel Noall, known as R.R. Noall to her readers, has an up-and-coming poetry release. Her 3rd full-length collection, At War with Stars, explores humanity as we discover our sense of place.  

Ask me about poetry, writing, being an Instagram poet, and all things creative! 
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Rob Kowalski

Reformed Bad Boy, Author, Jesus Follower

Community, Loneliness, Depression, Addiction, Sex, Finding Your Purpose

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Samantha Joule Fow

Guaranteed to leave this world a better place

We can use technology to save the planet (because our leaders will not).

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Sam Shepler


Sam leads a team of 5 to command a 1$ million dollar ARR. They grew 400% over the last year. 

Testimonial Hero has produced 100s of videos for the top names in tech like Google, UiPath, and Medallia. 

B2B marketing leaders use Testimonial Hero‘s service to build trust and credibility faster with new prospects, accelerate the buyer journey, and drive more revenue.
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Leah Madden

Consultant - CFO / CRO / finance lead

Venture Consultant, Startup Growth Strategist

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Karen Swyszcz

Social Entrepreneur/Best-Selling Author

Career Change, Blazing your own trail, How a blog or podcast can build your network/create opportunities for your brand and business.

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Jonathan Roberts

Co-Founder Evolve United| CSCS, NSCA-CPT, CHEK-HLC 1

Co-Founding in your 20’s, Solving Mental Illness Unmedicated, Mindset, Self-Development

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Andrei Tiu

Entrepreneur & Global Agency Founder | #1 Author | Musician

Let’s talk about Marketing Strategy, Starting out as an entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Tricks & Tactics, Online Customer Behaviour, Ecommerce.

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Efraim Burgos Jr.

Passionate, purposeful, and dedicated to work in the service of others’ success. Avid Rush fan, technology enthusiast, good friend and loving father.

Let’s talk about the Digital Divide – the non-existing yet pervasive rift between the old and the young, the have and the have nots. Customer Service – where did it go? Latest Tech

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Camden Boyd

Missionary / Food Neophobic / Happiness Finder / Singer-Songwriter

Let’s chat about religion, finding happiness, food neophobia, or funny music.

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Courtney Hume

Co-Founder Dandelion Branding | Website Optimization Specialist

I’d love to chat about Ecommerce, content marketing, digital marketing, user experience, website optimization strategy, small agency life.

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Debbie M Marielle

Sexpert & Intimacy, Relationship Coach for Women

Let’s talk about pleasure-based sex education, marriage, monogamy, gratitude, sexless marriage, and/or male-female differences.

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Joe Messina

Musician/Comedian/Podcast Host/Politics Enthusiast

Let’s chat about the real work people are doing to change the world.

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Richard Taylor

Author/Entrepreneur/Custom Clothier

I’d love to chat about starting a side hustle, entrepreneurship, brand building via social media or men’s fashion subjects.

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Mike Oulton

Learned to help others by suffering

Let’s talk about life changing events and how to turn them into tools.

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Benjamin Kepner

Global Digital Marketing Agency CEO

Let’s chat about Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, YouTube Advertising, Facebook Advertising, Education Technology, International Business, Entrepreneurship, Startups.

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Andy Seth


Andy’s agency is the nation’s first accredited with federally registered apprenticeships. He’s helped more than 1,000+ low income students go to college on scholarship.

As best selling author and music producer, Andy’s audience is engaged and numbers more than 20,000. He is happy to share your episode with his fans! 

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Rachel Letham

Success Coach | Wellness Warrior | Self-Care Coach

Let’s talk about positive mindset for success, goal setting, vision boards, self care.

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Matt Gibbs

Founder / CEO - Sunrise Genetics

Let’s chat about cannabis/hemp genomics.

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Clare Kennedy

Founder Clare Kindness

Let’s talk about kindness.

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Sonni Abatta

Podcaster, Blogger, Story- and Info-Sharer

Let’s talk about motherhood, self-care, and reinvention. Sonni’s audience is greater than 20,000 and she is happy to share with her fans!
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Fran Gallaher

Intuitive Life Coach with Really Flourish

Let’s talk about intuition, why I am, why you are, and why it matters.
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Coach Jennie

Inner Critic Expert | Creator of "Hilda"

Let’s talk about how to stop squandering your potential and get out of your own way
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Ben Johnson

Strategy (OKR's) | DevOps | Open Source

Let’s talk about accelerating personal and professional performance with tricks and technology.

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Ed Watters

Learning a new way, Right now!

Let’s chat about finding your worth by helping others.

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Karon Hawkins

Passionate Mover Seeking To Impact

Let’s talk Mobility, Stability, Nutrition & Mindset
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Eric Wilson

Visionary | Branding | Mentor | Autism Father | CEO | Catalyst

Let’s talk about the unseen value of the human condition now and in the future.

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