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Aziz Hayat

VC investor in the US & MENA

Let’s talk about trends in venture capital and the startup world in the US and abroad.

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Ali Levine

Host of EVERYTHING with Ali Levine

Let’s talk about authenticity, spirituality, my own awakening, empowering and confidence.

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Nick Guenther

Founder of Catalyst Shift

Connecting entrepreneurs & small businesses to form partnerships, boost sales, overcome fears & aim for the stars!

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Sam Jayanti

Entrepreneur/Podcast Host/Startup Advisor/ Passionate About Learning/Dogs Not Cats/Skier & Tennis Player

Let’s talk about why successful startups succeed.

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Hattie G Isen

A Real Racial Traumatic Life Journey

Let’s talk about Tips for Humanity & compassionate wisdom based off a personal story for the betterment of all.

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X.A.B & Distinguish The God

Hosts of the Dad Hats and Bowties Podcast

Let’s talk about all things Pop Culture, Politics, & Entertainment.

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Tim Krass

Host of Timeout For Mental Health

Let’s talk about relationships between women and men both at home and in the workplace and how toxic masculinity affects those relationships.

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Amy Mahjoory

Founder / HGTV Personality / Mama / Seinfeld Junkie

Public Speaking, Best Selling Author, Strategic Networking, Real Estate, Investing

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Kenneth Brady

Father, Veteran, Life Coach, Philosopher, Creator

Let’s talk about overcoming obstacles, while achieving our goals in the process.

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Morris Sims

Sales Skills | Business Operations | Planning

Let’s talk about running a business effectively and efficiently and ways to help your listeners get what they want.

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Tabitha & Anis

Hosts of the After 30 Podcast

Entrepreneur best friends exploring supportive curiosity.

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Ed Watters

Host of the Dead America Podcast

I made it with no regrets. Lets talk about finding your true passion.

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Jeff Venn

Life Architect / Agency Founder / Gen-Z and Millennial Mentor

Let’s talk about Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Architecting Your Life

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Daniel V Hall jr

Host of The Artform of Civil Disobedience

Let’s talk about understanding more while spreading a positive vibe.

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Fred Moskowitz

Computer engineer turned investment fund manager.

Let’s talk about the idea of investing in alternative investments, these are assets that have tangible value and generate income.

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Benjamin Kepner

Global Digital Marketing Agency CEO / Teacher

Let’s talk about YouTube and Education Technology Training.

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Andrei Tiu

Marketing Entrepreneur, Podcaster, #1 Bestselling Author & Musician

Marketing Strategy, Entrepreneurship & start-up advice, Digital Marketing Hacks

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Annie Law

Young Entrepreneur / Early College Grad / Environmentalist

Let’s talk about starting businesses, life purposes, environmentalism, self-help ideas, and overall, living a happier life.

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Landon Campbell

Co-Founder of In Their 20s

Let’s talk about networking, internships, launching a business, building your brand, social media and venture capital

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Rachel Richards

Retired at age 27 with $15,000/month in passive income

Best Selling Author, Investing, Money Management, Overcoming Financial Barriers, Growing Wealth

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John Paul Kilduff II

Delinquent turned Military turned Serial Entrepreneur

Real Estate, Investing, Social Media Management, Skip Tracing

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Miles Hanson

Marketing Coach, Markitect, and owner of HeartFunnels

Let’s talk about simple + ethical marketing that doesn’t feel cringy or burn you out. Marketing Ecosystems, Brand building, Ethical and sustainable marketing.

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Erik Cabral

Founder / creative / investor / father / musician / innovator

Let’s talk about Business strategies, podcasting, mindset, creative strategies, networking and virtual events

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Carmelle Cottrell

Frugal Mom to Cash Queen reigning

Money Coaching for Busy Moms, Budgeting, Negotiating Income potential, shifting mindsets

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