Podcast Guest Service

Podcast Agent FAQs. What you need to know before you begin.

Podcast Guest Service

Podcast Agent FAQs. What you need to know before you begin.

A podcast agent? What's that?

Let's answer some questions.

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Most of us have a slight obsession with podcasts, and some of us might even have high aspirations of producing one for ourselves.

What’s not to love about podcasts?

They help us get through the many tasks we are slog through every day. However, as enjoyable as podcasts are while we work our way through a pile of laundry, they can also be incredibly beneficial to the growth of your business. 

Think about it—how many times have you bought a product from a podcast recommendation or performed a Google stalking session after listening to a great interview? Research shows that 51% of the population listens to podcasts, which continues to climb year over year.

Podcast listeners are loyalists.

Even the most obscure podcasts have dedicated followers.

Aligning yourself and your business with a podcast that speaks directly to your target market could be a game-changer. 

Our entry kit is $1820 per month.

We are a high-touch, relationship-building agency. You want the best. You’re in the right place.

We take the time to do the job right. 

This is a service for experts who are committed to building their brand and connecting deeply with their ideal audience. Before we book your first episode, we have taken the time to reveal the subtle nuance of your narrative. We help you prepare your story so you can be relaxed and confident when you’re recording. 

The value of podcasts can’t be overstated. 

The average podcast listener listens to 7 hours a week and 80% of the time they listen to the whole episode. 

While the rest of the internet is fighting for 3 seconds of attention, podcasts hold space for contemplation and consideration. (podcast resources)

Podcasts represent the best of our human potential. 

Your podcast agent will delight the podcast hosts, producers, and publicists. Your placements are handled with integrity and care. Booking podcasts take a lot of back and forth communication – we take the bulk of this load, saving you time and money so you can do what you do best. 

Kitcaster works with funded start-up founders, entrepreneurs with exits, and C-suite execs. We work with experts.

You’re an expert.

You put your 10,000 hours in. You built the thing. You spoke from the stage. You had an experience that can’t be duplicated. You’ve overcome big challenges. You’re open to new experiences. You love to talk. And… you’ve got an unbeatable offer. 

You fell in love with a problem, and you have a real solution. 

You are inspired. You are a grinder. You listen to your customers, and you answer their questions. You leverage your experience. You strive for authenticity. You’re positioning for scale. You lead. You know exactly how you would spend your next round of funding. 

You’re gonna win. Bet on it. 

You’ve always wanted to start a podcast. You had a podcast and abandoned it. You’ve got a podcast, and you’re ready to expand your audience. 

You are ready.

Right now. You expect to work with the best. 

We got you.

Podcast audience

There are 500,000 podcasts. Chances are, there is a podcast for every nuanced human desire. The best podcasts understand what their audience wants and deliver accordingly. Regardless of celebrity, influence, or hype, podcast listeners are finicky. If their needs are not being met? They bounce. Podcasting is a meritocracy where the best shows emerge based on the quality of their content.  

Podcast numbers

Your placements deserve the best podcasts. You are looking to add value to a new audience so we want to make sure you have an audience to speak with. We begin our podcast qualification process with a dive into Apple Podcasts’ top 100 shows, categorically. We will only schedule podcast interviews on your behalf on shows that consistently rank in the top 10% of podcasts locally, nationally, and globally where appropriate.

Podcast format and frequency

Your podcast placements will be on podcasts that host interviews. (Duh) We qualify podcasts that are publishing weekly episodes. 

Identify ideal podcasts

Let’s hit the ground running. Our first task is to sketch out the characteristics of your ideal customer and how they map onto the podcast landscape. Understanding the hopes, fears, and motivations of your best customers will inform our direction in selecting podcasts. The best podcasts in the world have a deep understanding of their audience and deliver to them the content they value. This develops trust and word-of-mouth referrals that are critical to building a show. Once we’ve identified your ideal audience, we qualify the shows and jump into the nitty-gritty of booking your appearances. 

Mission Identity

Your story is compelling, inspiring, and gives an audience something to think about. We help you assemble all the necessary ingredients to craft a world-class narrative. Who you are, where you’re from, the obstacles you’ve overcame, all play a crucial role in connecting to your audience. We don’t leave it to chance. Before your first appearance we interview you on the tough stuff: childhood, parents, schooling, finances, identity, and faith. We probe for sensitive areas to give you insight into any holes in your narrative. Podcasts audiences form like tribes. They rally around common identities and vulnerabilities. We turn over every stone BEFORE we record – so you are prepared.

Media Kit (complimentary)

Your Media Kit will provide everything a podcast host or producer will need to book a show. Your professional and personal credentials are presented on an exclusive web page with audio clips, video, pics, talking points, credits, and areas of expertise. From this page podcast hosts and producers can download your information for further review, connect with your booking agent, or schedule an episode directly. Your Media Kit isn’t just an email attachment – it’s an interactive platform in it’s own right, designed to get you podcast placements on the world’s top podcasts.


Let’s go.

Kitcaster begins each engagement with a deep understanding of your ideal podcast audience. We deliver 100% customized appearances to match you with the perfect podcast interviews. 

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