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Prepare to be Podcasted


Do you know how many podcasts are being produced? 550,000. With numbers like that, chances are, you will find yourself on a podcast. So how does one prepare for a podcast so you do not sound like you just had a shot of novocaine injected into your tongue? Not to worry. We have some quick and dirty tips to get you talking in the right direction.


Pro Tip 1 Listen to the Podcast


This might seem like a simple one but you would be surprised by how many people actually do not listen to a podcast before being a guest. Each host is pretty prescriptive when it comes to how they conduct an interview or conversation. Skim a few and take note.


Pro Tip 2 Do Some Digging


Conduct a little podcast host cyberstalking. Checkout their LinkedIn and Twitter pages to find out all you can about the host before chatting. Who knows, maybe you went to the same college or share similar interests.


Pro Tip 3 Prepare your Elevator Pitch


Again, seems like a no-brainer but be ready to talk about what you do in a very clear way. Remember, this is typically audio only so your story is all you’ve got, make it good. If you can add a few personal details about your hobbies or other random interests; that’s always a bonus. You want listeners to connect with your story, journey and brand. Make the listener want to know more about you.

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Pro Tip 4 Equipment Check


There is a good chance you will be interviewed remotely and the worst thing that could happen is an equipment fail. Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of Zoom or other conferencing tools in advance of the call. Does your computer mic work? Is it good? Complete a systems check well before game-time.


Pro Tip 5 Don’t Default to Robot Mode


Think about the best interviews that you could listen to time and time again. Bet the ones you enjoy most feature awesome conversationalist. We are humans that have a tendency to turn on our robot modes when we are nervous. Check yourself and be yourself. Pretend that you are just chatting with a friend. But also remember that what you say is on record. What you say can and will be used against.


Phew, that’s it for now. Does this seem overwhelming? It can be for many. If you want to be on podcasts but don’t want to hassle with this pro tip nonsense, give us a shout.


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