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So you’d like to get on some podcasts? Awesome. Podcasts are a great way to grow your business and build your brand, but knowing where to start can be a real challenge. How do I get booked on podcasts? What podcasts do my prospects listen to? What kind of return can I expect from going on a podcast? 

Kitcaster is the solution to all those problems and more – not only do we book you on top podcasts, but we’re the only agency that guarantees you will benefit from them. We weave podcast interviews seamlessly into your schedule. Hear a few words from our clients:

👑 Awards 👑

  • 🏆 Inc Magazine Best Places to Work 2023

  • 🏆 Colorado Companies to Watch 2023

  • 🏆 ColoradoBiz Magazine Top 200 Private Owned Companies 2023

  • 🏆 Denver Business Journal Best Places to Work 2023

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“Podcasting isn’t just about sharing stories, it’s about unlocking million-dollar opportunities. One podcast I was interviewed on led to a $1.2 million partnership, proving its worth beyond measure. Investing in podcasts is investing in game-changing possibilities.”

Alyse Maslonik

Founder of RedefinED →

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“Our experience with Kitcaster has not only met but surpassed our goals, making them the go-to choice for strategic podcasting solutions.”

Itay Bengal

Representing Addison Wiggin →

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“Podcasting offers a platform for diverse discussions and connections. The variety keeps it fresh and engaging, preventing us from feeling like a broken record.”

Daniel Huerter

CEO of Pure Spectrum →

“The biggest thing with Kitcaster is just how easy it’s been. It’s really straightforward. Just show up and do podcasts.”

Derek Osgood

Founder and CEO of Ignition →

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“Podcasting has been instrumental in clarifying the messages in my book and refining my articulation skills.”

Alan Questel

President, Univention North America →

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“We did get some good sales that came through by virtue of podcasting and there’s definitely positive ROI there with a long, long tail of content.”

Nick Fogel

Founder & CEO of Churnkey →

Doug Downs

Founder & CEO, Stories and Strategies

“We are always looking for new guests really good guests. Kitcaster gets that, and we appreciate getting those really good guests. It’s worked out.”

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“From the client side, I feel really heard and supported.

David Hurwitt

Founder & CEO, Troove →

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“The amount of community engagement we saw was definitely unexpected.

Kevin Dominik Korte

President, Univention North America →

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“You’ve been such a big help in taking the stress and pressure off of finding guests.

Riley James

Host, If Anyone Cares →

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“Being on the podcasts has really helped me to further define and identify my personal brand.

Laura Purdy

Co-Founder of MD Integrations →

Tommy Y
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“Out of the 12 interviews I’ve done so far, I’m doing business with 3 of the hosts already.”

Tommy Yionoulis

Founder, OpsAnalitica →

Will Stack 2
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“Our first live podcast was really successful, that was super fun to see. Fantastic experience so far!”

Will Rush

Founder, Stack→

Donna cover

“Kitcaster does their homework in matching the right show with my expertise.”

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“Working with Kitcaster has saved me a tremendous amount of time. I’ve deepened my relationship with existing customers and gained new customers.”

Shauna Reiter

Founder, Alaya Naturals →

Bill Small Case Study
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“Kitcaster certainly expanded my network.”

Bill Small

Founder, Artist Mind→


“I’m *very* bullish on podcasting as a marketing channel.”

Rich White

Founder, Fathom →

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“Kitcaster has been great for my coaching consultancy.”

Christmas Hutchinson

Founder, Career Confidence→

Joe K
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“[Podcast guest interviews] have been, by far, the most successful channel for us.”

Joe Keeley

Founder, CEO JustiFi→

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“Value a good relationship.”

Eric Wright

Founder, DiscoPosse→

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We’ve been on some really big podcasts with notable ROI.

Chris Dickey

Founder, Visably→

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“Take this as an example of how to seed influencers and create relationships around your B2B company.”

Cody Wittick

Co-CEO & Co-Founder at Kynship →

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“We got new customers everytime I went on a podcast.”

Greg Edwards

CEO, CryptoStopper→

2 Million Listener Reach

Kevin Korte

“We got new customers everytime I went on a podcast.”


President, Univention →

Kitcaster Podcast Agency

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Kitcaster is designed for people looking to build their brand and connect deeply with people through podcasting.

You’re a giver. You find meaning in making personal and professional relationships. You love podcasts – you’ve considered (or have) your own podcast. You’re an expert with a story and a point of view.  You have overcame your fair share of obstacles. Your audience is hungry to hear more.

Let’s go. ⚡️

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