Sam Harris’ Bonus Questions

  1. If you had one piece of advice for a person who wants to succeed in your field what would it be?

  2. What, if anything, do you wish you had done differently in your 20s, 30s, or 40s?

  3. Ten years from now what do you think you’ll regret doing too much or not enough of?

  4. What book should everyone read?

  5. What negative experience, one which you would not wish to repeat, has changed you for the better?

  6. What most worries you about our collective future?

  7. If you could solve just one mystery from your field what would it be?

  8. If you could resurrect one person from history and put them in our world today, with the benefit of a modern education, who would it be?

  9. If we’re ever in a position to recreate the T-Rex, should we do it?

Distraction is the enemy

of everything we’re trying to do.

Sam Harris, Making Sense Podcast

Episode 143 with Derren Brown


MARCH 29, 2019


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