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Will Rush – CEO, Stack

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"The parent outreach has been fantastic. We hoped to reach this audience but weren't expecting them to be emailing us! It's great."

Over the past twelve years, Will has worked with seven different billion-dollar banking and securities companies. During that time, he witnessed long-time industry incumbents lose market share to FinTech unicorns, as products democratized access to financial markets and minted millions of new investors overnight.

Will felt that the industry had prioritized access over education, and in the process failed to appropriately equip new investors with the knowledge to succeed. Will built Stack to teach the youngest generation foundational finance principles so that they could build habits that last a lifetime.

By leveraging the zeitgeist of digital assets and web3, Will (via Stack) wants to make learning about finance fun, social, and rewarding.

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Why Podcast Guest Interviews?

With a Web3 platform targeted on a Gen Z audience, Will’s company Stack is at the tip of the spear in terms of technology, culture, and finance. Getting the word out about the brand, and converting new customers is of the utmost importance. Will is passionate about the future of finance and is a key influencer for the next generation of investors. Podcast guest interviews provide Will an opportunity to flex his domain expertise and allow the audience early insight into a future soon come. 

The Impact of Podcast Guest Interviews

Will has reached his ideal audiences through his podcast guest campaign. Will has received personal inquiries on Lnkedin, email, and his website due to podcast interviews. 

“We’ve seen an uptick in waitlist signups, and outreach from parents (of potential users).”  

“The prospect outreach has been fantastic. We hoped to reach this audience but weren’t expecting them to be emailing us! It’s great.”  

“Our first live podcast was really successful, that was super fun to see. I’ve also been really impressed with how many shows Kitcaster has been able to get us on so quickly. Fantastic experience so far!”



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