The ABCs of NFTs

The top NFT podcasts on air right now

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You down with NFTs? Yeah, you know me. 

For those of you that get the throwback reference, nice work. For those who are still scratching your heads, queue up Naughty By Nature by OPP on your music streaming service of choice. 

NFTs are hot and we couldn’t find a good resource out there that points to some of the hottest NFT-focused podcasts. So we took it upon ourselves to share some of our favs. Break it down! (That was another Naughty By Nature reference, btw.)

  1. NFT Catcher knows that NFTs are going mainstream. Hosts Michael Keen and Jennifer Sutto are here to tell you all about what’s up with that. They’re breaking down an ever-expanding industry for NFT newbies and experienced traders alike. Michael and Jennifer interview experts and focus on market dynamics and turning your NFT investment into profit. If you’re interested in NFTs, you’ll find useful and actionable information in this podcast.

  2. The First Mint hosted by LG Doucet is a weekly podcast for and by both NFT fans and professionals. LG shares his enthusiasm for NFTs with the community through data. But don’t worry, it’s not all statistics here – he interviews industry leaders and folds those numbers into compelling stories to communicate their expertise to both NFT newcomers and seasoned pros.

  3. Crypto Ballers explores the exciting world of NFTs in the NBA and NFL. Host Mark Manuppelli is taking blockchain off the bench by talking about the official NFTs in the major leagues: NBA Top Shot and NFL x Dapper Labs. He chats about marketplace trends, new drops and challenges, and helps sports enthusiasts engage in NFTs. Whether you’re into sports or not, you’ll be a fan of this NFT podcast.

  4. Edge of NFT hosted by Eathan Janney, Jeff Kelley, and Josh Kriger examines up-to-date NFT trends in addition to the industry fundamentals that will outlive the fads. These guys dive into the nitty-gritty business of NFTs, if that’s your speed, but they also discuss how NFTs affect the human world and how we interact with it. Featuring interviews with people involved in all aspects of NFTs, this show is for anyone who is excited about the future of NFTs.

  5. MomentsRank NFT Podcast illuminates all things Web3. Hosted by Max Minsker, this show delves into the innovations of NFTs and beyond. Max interviews creators, investors, founders, artists, and more to give listeners a well-rounded perspective on Web3: where it is and where it’s going. What more can we say? Max and his guests like NFTs, and they want to tell you all about them.
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  1. NFT365 holds the esteemed title of being the first daily NFT podcast that also buys a new NFT every day for 365 days. With short, informative episodes, NFT365 is hosted by keynote speaker, digital futurist, and Web3 visionary Brian Fanzo. Brian and his interviewees span topics such as Web3, the metaverse, crypto, blockchain, and more. They aim to illuminate the connection and symbiosis between humanity and technology.

  2. The NiFTy Show is recorded live and has nearly 150 episodes to whet your NFT whistle. They interview NFT trailblazers to entertain and inform listeners about popular NFTs (like Crypto Kitties, Garbage Pail Kids, and Blockchain Heroes) and introduce new NFTs that are popping up every day. If you’re looking to turn a profit from your NFT pursuits and add new NFTs to your portfolio, The NiFTy Show is a good place to start.

  3. Bankless is exactly what it sounds like: a podcast encouraging you to drop traditional banks and embrace crypto finance. With interviews and information about NFTs, DeFi, and the world of cryptocurrency, Bankless has over 360 episodes to peruse. Hosted by Ryan Sean Adams and David Hoffman, this show is as educational as it is enjoyable. As one review says, “Do your 2030 and beyond self a favor and listen to as many of their episodes as you can.”

  4. Zima Red is hosted by Andrew Steinwold, who is considered to be one of the OG NFT investors. Andrew interviews founders and experts in the NFT and virtual world space. If you’re interested in learning about play-to-earn gaming guilds, decentralized marketplaces, or NFT creation platforms, there’s an interview on this show that will pique your interest. Browse the archive of over 100 episodes to hear from diverse voices in the NFT space.

  5. Shot2TheMoon is a podcast that shows all sides of the NFT world: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Hosts Von Schiller and Sean Pfeiffer know that this wide, wacky world of NFTs can be challenging to navigate. They break it down into digestible NFT snacks with episodes featuring interviews and episodes with just the two hosts. This show is from Nifted, a product that allows you to showcase your NFTs IRL.   

So there you have it! Some of our very favorite top-ranked NFT podcasts. Put that in your wallet and collect it.

What are NFTs and why are they popular?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, represent ownership of unique items using blockchain technology. They’ve gained popularity due to their role in digital art, collectibles, and more, allowing creators to monetize digital goods that previously had no tangible value, and collectors to prove ownership.

What are some top NFT podcasts to listen to?

Several NFT-focused podcasts provide valuable insights into the market. Notable ones include “NFT Catcher,” which is great for both newbies and experienced traders, “The First Mint” that combines data with industry leader interviews, and “Crypto Ballers” which focuses on sports NFTs. Each offers unique perspectives on the evolving NFT landscape.

How can podcasts help you understand NFTs better?

Podcasts about NFTs offer a platform for learning and discussion about the ever-evolving NFT market and technology. They often feature interviews with industry experts, discussions on market trends, and advice on NFT investment, making them an excellent resource for both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts.

Can you learn about Web3 and blockchain from NFT podcasts?

Yes, many NFT podcasts delve into broader topics related to Web3 and blockchain technologies. Shows like “Momentsranks” and “NFT365” explore innovations in these areas, providing listeners with a deeper understanding of how NFTs fit into the wider digital ecosystem.

What are the benefits of listening to NFT podcasts?

Listening to NFT podcasts can enhance your understanding of digital assets, offer the latest industry news and trends, and provide actionable investment advice. It’s also a way to hear from thought leaders and innovators, giving listeners various perspectives on the impacts and future of NFTs.

Who are some notable hosts of NFT podcasts?

Notable hosts include Michael Keen and Jennifer Sutto of “NFT Catcher,” LG Doucet of “The First Mint,” and Brian Fanzo, who runs “NFT365.” These hosts bring extensive knowledge and enthusiasm to the discussion, helping demystify NFTs for their audiences.

What kinds of topics do NFT podcasts cover?

NFT podcasts cover a wide range of topics from the basics of NFT technology and market analyses to interviews with industry pioneers. They also discuss the implications of NFTs in various sectors like art, sports, and gaming, providing a comprehensive look at the NFT ecosystem.

Are there NFT podcasts that focus on the financial aspects of NFTs?

Yes, podcasts like “Bankless” and “The NiFTy Show” specifically address the financial aspects of NFTs, discussing topics such as NFT investments, market dynamics, and strategies for profiting from NFT trading and collections.


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