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Ten of the best SaaS podcasts on air right now

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The secret’s out. We here at Kitcaster secure podcast interview opportunities for SaaS founders and C-Suite executives to gain greater authority and brand recognition in a pretty saturated landscape. It’s lists like this that make what we do that much easier. We’ve worked with numerous SaaS focused podcasts and thought you’d find some value in keeping these top SaaS podcasts in your back pocket. If you are curious how we determine the top, find out here.

We won’t make you sift through a bunch of fluff to get to the good stuff here. Even though we would love to drop a sales pitch to tell you how you should absolutely engage with Kitcaster to get you booked on some of these shows. We will restrain ourselves. However, if you want to dig into what it looks like to work with us, you can hear from our co-founder, Ryan Estes

Okay, here it is, the moment you’ve been waiting for: a list of our favorite SaaS-focused podcasts (in no particular order).

  1. The Official SaaStr Podcast is brought to you by SaaStr and has been one of the longest running SaaS podcasts with over 500 episodes featuring some of the biggest names and minds behind the best SaaS products in the world. The format is a shake-up between SaaStr founder and CEO, Jason Lemkin sharing observations and insights to guest features like Ali Ghodsi, the CEO and Co-Founder of Databricks.

  2. Humans of SaaS, hosted by Ben Winn, brought to you by the Catalyst Software Corporation, highlights the human side of tech by addressing topics that are often overlooked, such as mental and emotional health. This show is a great reminder that behind all the shiny tech, there are real-live actual humans with successes, failures, and most of all, stories.

  3. The SaaS Podcast is a great show that provides actionable tips and industry trends for SaaS companies to grow and scale. Looking to build a SaaS company from the ground up? This podcast gives you a foundation for doing just that. Host Omer Khan shares his own knowledge and interviews SaaS experts who have been in your shoes.

  4. B2B Revenue Leadership hosted by Brian Burns has a broader audience and therefore, more diverse and well-rounded content. While exploring different aspects of the industry, its focus is on leadership – how do you lead a SaaS company to success? Whether you’re in a leadership position now or vying for one in the future, tune in to this show to learn how to drive revenue with up-to-date and proven methods.

  5. SaaS Interviews with CEOs, Startups, Founders hosted by Nathan Latka has over 2,000 episodes with interviews featuring leaders of some of the most successful SaaS companies. This daily podcast pulls back the curtain and shines a spotlight onto all aspects of SaaS from a firsthand perspective. Dive into the archives of this show and you’re sure to find conversations with leaders from SaaS companies you know and admire.
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  1. The SaaS Revolution gives an international perspective by interviewing noteworthy SaaS minds in Europe and around the world. Hear from founders, leaders, and investors about lead generation, scale, and building a sustainable and profitable SaaS business. If you’re looking to grow a revolutionary SaaS company, host Alex Theuma and this show will give you the knowledge to succeed.

  2. SaaS Breakthrough hosted by Ashley Levesque from Demio approaches SaaS from a marketing angle. You may know marketing, but do you know SaaS marketing? Listen to interviews with experienced SaaS marketers who are doing the trial and error for you. Learn from their mistakes, find new opportunities, and implement cutting edge marketing strategies in your company to build a thriving SaaS business.

  3. Startups For the Rest of Us is hosted by Rob Walling and is the go-to for bootstrapped and mostly bootstrapped startups. Rob does a fantastic job highlighting real stories from a founder’s journey. He showcases both successes and struggles and digs deep into personal lives. This podcast holds the esteemed title of longest running podcast for bootstrapped startups and releases episodes weekly.

  4. Best in SaaS identifies and analyzes patterns in high-growth SaaS businesses, giving you a blueprint to replicate their successes and avoid their failures. As a CEO, host Elias Rubel has led two startups to acquisition. He works as a growth advisor for Dropbox and aims to help founders make the best moves for their businesses to succeed, grow, and ultimately achieve $100 million ARR.

  5. SaaS District from Horizen Capital covers a wide array of SaaS topics, including (but not limited to!) raising capital, acquisition, marketing, conversion optimization, and much more. Because the content is so varied, you’ll always learn something new that you can implement into your business. Join host Akeel Jabber as he interviews industry leaders, diving into these topics and providing listeners with strategies to scale from beta to acquisition.

Okay, now that you have an idea of which podcasts should be on your radar, let’s talk about getting you an interview on these shows. Stay tuned for our next post,
How to Book Yourself on Podcasts.


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