What is a Podcast Agent?

“We help folks prepare for interviews, so in case it gets weird, they can go to where they’re most comfortable.”

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In this episode of “Constant Variables,” Ryan Estes speaks with Tim Bornholdt. Ryan discusses how entrepreneurs can use podcasting to increase their revenue: Characteristics of a successful podcast host, how to improve your listenership, and when you should and shouldn’t host your program.

“Be playful. That’s how to give your best performance on a podcast.”

Mixing Business with Podcasts - What is a Podcast Agent?

“Mixing Business With Podcasts” – Constant Variables With Ryan Estes

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Why podcasts feel familiar
  • How to quantify the value of hosting your show
  • How to enhance listenership of a show
  • Tips for getting ranked on Apple Podcasts
  • How depth over breadth translates in podcasting
  • Why you should, um, keep the fillers
  • How to start a podcast and why everyone should do it
  • What is a podcast agent?
  • Top podcast agencies
  • Which “junk food” podcasts Ryan and Tim find therapeutic

Tim Bornholdt:

How can you help people quantify the value of being on podcasting?

Ryan Estes:

You know, I’m always trying to learn. One thing about podcasting is that there is no central database for numbers. We can have some ballpark values of the size of an audience. For example, one misconception that folks have as a guest is that the more the audience listens to it, the more conversions you’ll have. And largely, we found that to be false. So, we spend a lot of time at the beginning figuring out the campaign’s outcomes; what do they want from these podcasts? Everybody wants prospects, for sure. But some folks want to fundraise; many people are using podcasting right now for recruiting, because there’s a significant talent shortage. People are looking for personal branding and brand exposure, so we spend the time to figure out what they want.

And then we qualify the audience. That’s going to give them those conversions. And then, we look for the podcast that has that audience. So depending on the client, what’s best for them varies. Some clients want a massive audience, a broad-reaching audience is what’s best for them. And we have programs for that. But a lot of times we’re looking for a very niche audience. And we go above and beyond to qualify the podcasts that speak to that audience.

"If you’re thinking about doing a podcast, do not be the podcast that edits out all the umms and ahhs. That will kill you."

What is a Podcast Agent?

Tim Bornholdt:

Now with our podcast, we’ve always recorded remotely and virtually, so everything within the global pandemic and having to work from home has made it a lot easier for us to book guests because it forced people to become comfortable with broadcasting from within their own houses. So I’m curious to hear from your perspective, how did the pandemic impact you at Kitcaster?

Ryan Estes:

We launched in September 2019. At the time, I was validating different products, and my wife was largely running our agency, which, from 12 years ago, was still doing well. And we were planning to transition as she was changing careers, and I was going to move towards Kitcaster. March 2020 is the time that I would convert over to Kitcaster full time, which meant shutting down the agency, but February 2020 comes around, and I’m like, “Man, this is some excellent revenue from this agency that’s been operating for a long time.” We had great clients that we’d had for many, many years. And it’s kind of like, yeah, maybe I can do both. 

But COVID solved that problem for us. At the time, our agency worked with the food and beverage and hospitality industry. And so, we lost a couple dozen clients in one day. So, it was like, I guess the agency is over. What’s up Kitcaster?

Brandy was still working with her PR firm, but we both turned our attention full time to Kitcaster. We were like, I think this is going to work, because of the reasons you just outlined, that a lot of these podcasts are recorded remotely.

“Listening to podcasts alleviates the drudgery of everyday tasks. I can just enjoy what’s going on."

Additional topics discussed:

  • Tips from the perspective of getting more people in the door
  • Other ways of increasing listenership
  • Tips and tricks to deploy if you already have a show, you’ve launched, and you’re in a decent position or ranking
  • Do podcasts have agents?
  • What is a podcast agent?
  • Podcast booking services
  • Working with a podcast

Tim Bornholdt is an entrepreneur, software developer, and podcaster. He is also a co-founder and partner at The Jed Mahonis Group. They integrate with teams that lack mobile expertise to deliver creative mobile solutions that solve real business problems and are enjoyable to use. Some of their clients include Profile by Sanford Health, Great Clips, Green Mill, and USA CUP.

As a podcaster, he hosts the show Constant Variables and explains how mobile app development works to people who see themselves as “tech people.” He also edited a C Tolle Run show, where Olympian Carrie Tollefson interviews elite athletes and inspires runners to get after it.

Resources and Links Mentioned in the Show:

  • Kitcaster website
  • JMG Pricing Page
  • Connect with Tim Bornholdt on LinkedIn
  • Chat with The Jed Mahonis Group about your app
  • Rate and review the show on Apple Podcasts

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What is a Podcast Agent?
What is a Podcast Agent?

What is a Podcast Agent?

A podcast agent acts as an intermediary between podcast hosts and potential guests. They facilitate the booking process, ensuring that both parties can achieve their desired outcomes. The role involves understanding the needs of both the podcast and the potential guest, finding the best fit, and often negotiating terms.

How Can Podcasts Add Value to Personal Branding?

Podcasts can significantly enhance personal branding by offering a platform for individuals to share their expertise and stories. This exposure helps to establish credibility and reach an engaged audience that is interested in their niche. Podcasts can be particularly valuable for networking, sharing insights, and building a professional reputation.

What Are Some Effective Ways to Increase Podcast Listenership?

Increasing podcast listenership can be achieved by leveraging several strategies:

  • Enhancing the quality of content to ensure depth over breadth.
  • Implementing SEO techniques to improve visibility on platforms like Apple Podcasts.
  • Engaging with listeners through interactive elements and social media.
  • Collaborating with other podcasters or influencers to tap into new audiences.

Why Is It Recommended to Retain Fillers Like ‘Um’ and ‘Ah’ in Podcasts?

Retaining fillers such as ‘um’ and ‘ah’ in podcasts can make the conversation sound more natural and relatable. Editing out these fillers might make the content seem overly polished or inauthentic, potentially alienating listeners who appreciate a more genuine discussion.

How Did the Pandemic Affected Podcast Production?

The pandemic significantly impacted podcast production by making remote recording more prevalent. This shift made it easier to book guests who are now more comfortable with broadcasting from their homes. Additionally, the move to remote operations has opened up new opportunities for podcasters to connect with a global array of guests and audiences.

Can Everyone Start a Podcast? If So, Why Should They?

Yes, anyone can start a podcast, and there are several reasons to consider doing so:

  • It provides a platform to share unique perspectives or expertise.
  • It can be a powerful tool for personal branding.
  • Podcasting offers the chance to connect with like-minded individuals and build a community.
  • It can serve as a creative outlet or a way to explore new interests.


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