Your story to the world.

Kitcaster helps rising entrepreneurs and thought leaders

tell personal and authentic stories. ✌️

All Kitcaster campaigns now include Story Craft™!

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make,

but about the stories you tell.” – Seth Godin


Kitcaster will organize podcast interviews and lead Story Craft sessions to bring your powerful story to the world.

In this video (above), I’ll break down how we do what we do and how much it costs.

You can expect to pay about $1820 a month for Kitcaster services.

Specifically, we work with:

  • funded startup founders,
  • entrepreneurs with exits,
  • and C-suite execs.

And we book them on the world’s top podcasts.

I think the one thing that all of our clients have in common is that they’re insanely busy.

So our job really becomes first and foremost, to weave podcast interviews into their schedule as seamlessly as possible.

Our three-step process

Step One: Identify your ideal audience.

Your ideal audience will be based largely on the outcomes you’re looking to get out of the podcast campaign. 

That could be 

  • customer prospects, 
  • it could be brand awareness, 
  • it might be investment opportunities with angels and VCs, 
  • or it could be recruiting. 


We’ll take a deep dive into the outcomes you’re looking for, associate that with an audience, and then set off to pitch prospective podcasts. 

Step Two: Your media kit

We build your media kit specifically for podcasting.

The media kits we build all look really cool.

They have mission and identity components.

They’ve got a classic headshot and bio, and they have a timeline where we can feature personal and professional accomplishments that help us position you, particularly for the larger podcasts.

Step Three: Secure your podcast interviews

The third step is what we do everyday.

There are 23 of us here in Denver that manage the pitch, the pre-production, and scheduling of the shows on your behalf.

When we book a show, it shows up on your calendar with time and date, host name, podcast name, the topics to discuss, and the link to record.

The idea is, if you have a podcast coming up, you know everything you need for that interview, is in your calendar.

You just open the calendar event, click the link, and have a great conversation.


The commitment

We kick things off with a six-month term. 

We launch two new-client cohorts each month, kicking off on the first or the 15th. 

In the first six months, we’ll book you on three podcasts per month for a total of 18 guaranteed podcast interviews over the course of the term.

The cost of the service is $1820 per month. 

The commitment on your side will be about an hour a week. 

If you’ve got a floating hour in your week for podcast interviews, we can take care of you. 

Look forward to talking to you!

Your Satisfaction Guarantee

It’s rare but sometimes a particular podcast interview just isn’t the best fit. In this case, after you have recorded the interview, we will add another podcast placement to your agreement at no additional cost to you! 🤩

Can’t wait to hear you in action!


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