Your podcast personality is...



You are a leader.

Focused, conscientious, and open to opportunity.

• You value strength and precision in the workplace.

• You are a person of refined tastes and good humor.

• You learn from other people’s successes.

You have a story.

Thought leader,creative, and empathetic.

You have a knack for using the art of storytelling to close deals.

You know when to prioritize focus and relaxation.

You are an expert in your field with a broad cross-discipline knowledge base.

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You're ready for action.

A persuasive visionary with a good risk tolerance.

You are trustworthy but also not afraid to shake things up a bit.

• You are creative and yet highly rational.

• People look to you for insight.

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Convert prospects.

Brand awareness

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Hype your value prop.


Create new connections.


Hire new talent.

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